Ears help

I wonder if anyone has the same problem my ears becoming your painful was referred hospital for ent appointment I had hearing test,also camera down to see watches going on

The doctor said nothing wrong with ears but the muscle at the base of the ear running down the neck is solid and painful my be due to Fibro

Anyone got any ideas like being underwater all the time x

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  • Yes I have that horrible sensation. I also have very very itchy ears. Also doctor said there's nothing wrong. Once I had thrush in my ear.

  • I can commiserate as I am often the same couple that with severe tinnitus, oh the joys of fibro.x

  • Any cures that make it easier x

  • I do gently massage that area with just my fingertips. Also flannel soaked in not water and runf out and applied to the right and painful area can help relax it and the freeze gell again gently smoothed in sometimes helps if it is the hot sort of pain which I sometimes get. I seem to get it more when I have too so I wonder whether clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth makes it worse. I must wish they could find a cure for it. Hope yours eases a little soon.x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi im ok now have my hearing aids can hear things from miles now!

    Lost/loosing top half of hearing but o

    if quiet can hear things but anywhere other noises can't hear things just a noise.

    The lady fitting said couldn't see it being from fibro then said it effects eyes and my breathing then she said if it effects eyes yes can see that now well muscles control it but think like many things with it becomes over whelmed so don't function properly just like any muscle in our bodies not asked to do much copes but if repetitive causes it to stop/become painful etc.

    Mind hearing aids do become irritating after a while as pressing on things inside ear but not bad funny thing is still can't hear the dam phone when have to ear!

  • I have very itchy, burning ears which bleed sometimes, doctor says it eczema, very painful.

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