I woke up this morning to so much pain that I couldn't move. I'm in a severe flare because I am worrying about my wee g/daughter as she is in hospital. They don't know what is wrong with her and the last I heard, they were testing her for meningitis. Poor wee soul doesn't need this. Please, if you are a praying sort of person, pray for her recovery.

So today I had to be helped to dress, couldn't even hold a cup and had to be helped to the bathroom. For me, who is a fiercely independent person this has humbled me beyond words. I do not want my life to be like this. I feel like a burden on my partner, who, God bless him, helped me without a mummer of protest. But I do not think that I can carry on like this, so I hope this flare passes very quickly. I also have numbness all down my right leg which I am putting down to FM. It is not painful atm, but it feels very very weird. Does anyone else have this? All I can say is thank the gods for wheelchairs!

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  • bless you sweetie , i will say a little prayer xxx

  • oh I am sorry to hear your g/daughter is ill hope she gets better soon and you feel better too the stress of all this can make your fibo worst take care love beth xx

  • Hope your granddaughter gets better very soon, at least if they know what is wrong they can treat her with the right medication. Try to relax a little yourself if you can and get well soon. Love Angela x

  • Saying a little prayer and sending love and light too hoping that your granddaughter gets well soon. Rest when you can and try not to worry too much. She's in safe hands. Bless you!

  • i do hope your grand daughter gets better soon ,and i hope you feel better soon too ,

    i know how you feel being feircly inderpendent and having to ask for help ,i hate it ,if your flare dosnt improve maybe go to docs ?

    anyway i hope you both improve soon sending you both lots of gentle hugs xx

  • hope you both get better real soon i will say a prayer for you both. try and rest and you are in alll our thoughts

  • Bless you , prayers are winging their way too you xxxx

  • omg poor little girl..i will say a prayer for your grandaughter and for wishes to you both

    bob xx

  • Oh bless you i know exactly how you are feeling and waht you are going through at the min as my grandson at 6 days old was diagnosed with strep b meningitis and it was the worst 10 days of my life i can tell you but thankfully heis absolutely A1 and has suffered no ill effects fromit he was 2 in june x so yes i will pray for you and hopefully all will be well they do marvellous things now so lets hope in couple days she is back to hernold self but keep us posted love and hugs and prayers diddle x

  • Awk God bless you all.

    You will both be in my prayers

    Take care & stay strong.

    Sending positive thoughts & vibes your way.

    Luv & Hugs

    Jackie xx

  • Thank you folks. They gave Miya a Lumber Puncture last night, apparently there is 'something growing in her blood', whatever that means. She is clear for meningitis but atm no-one is sure what is going on. I will keep you all posted as to what is happening. Thank you all, again.

  • Hope you are feeling a bit better now.

    My prayers are with you both hope Miya is getting better and stronger.

    Gentle Hugs

    Carol X

  • yes i will say a prayer too, no-one likes their grandchildren ill, i hope she gets well really soon, and you feel better too , soft hugs

  • It turns out that Miya has a urine infection which caused an infection in her blood. She is on 2 types of antibiotics and has to stay in hospital for 3 weeks. Thank God that her mummy moved quickly on this as it could have been much much worse! Thank you all again for the good wishes and prayers. Now, if only my flare would back off! :)

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