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How soon things change

Recently I posted about how I dreamed of long walks and felt low (depressed). Since then I have had better then worse days. Down to my not taking my meds on time followed by sleepless nights and 2 hours training on the end of the day. Made it too long.

I have since suffered exhaustion for three days, until I got a good nights sleep! Then I must have slept wrong as now my left hip screams at me if I move it wrong! Let me explain. I have to sleep with a firm pillow between my knees and ankles to keep everything straight, or it hurts. I think the pillow either moved or I turned over without it. As it is I usually sleep on my back, on a slope since I had pleurisy and hurt my lower back, with my ankles raised and knees supported. It takes about six pillows to sort me out. So now I'm barely walking at all!

Oh well. I may be in pain but I'm no longer feeling low! Just a week until the term ends too. I'm so lucky I work in a school.

😊 soft hugs dear friends

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This a review/ad for wedge pillows that might help you get more comfortable. You can look at it or not. It's up to you I simply posted it because you were talking about pillows and it got me thinking 😱😱😱😳😳😳that's scary!!


Hi Sarah -Jane

I wholly understand your pain! Awful when you can't do the things you long to do. I moved to a bungalow 6 weeks again which is near the sea. I had visions of walking along the seafront and going to local shops for fresh produce daily, gardening and maybe setting up raised beds and growing veg etc.. A list which does not have one item ticked off never mine not having unpacked half the boxes!! I too am trying very hard not to get down, especially when I spent only 2 hours max doing housework on Wednesday and ended up in bed yesterday, unable to lift my head off my pillow. It's so hard and difficult to understand. Good you are still managing to work. I work in education too and have been off since June. I have been really trying to push hard to get back but unfortunately the harder I try the worse I feel, now getting chest pains and pins and needles in my head etc!

I guess the best idea is that we all should turn into hippies and just go with the flow. πŸŒ»πŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŒΎπŸŒ» I hope you get back to a fitness level where you can go for walks and don't feel so low. This site is full of people who know exactly what you are going through and I find it refreshing and often humbling to hear such empathy and strength from such a wonderful group of people. It's been very good for me to read people's experiences and it's certainly good not to suffer in silence. I hope you get some respite soon Jax


Well pleased that one bit is better and hope the rest catch up soon. X


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