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Newbie and an Introduction

Hello everyone! I thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Debbs, I'm 25 from the West Midlands.

I would be in the process of undergoing investigations for fibromyalgia or something similar but since my hospital appointment isn't until the 15th April at 11:00am and every time I shuffle off to my GP for help (my joints are incredibly painful, wrists and knees are the worst culprits) he shrugs it off and says, I can't give you anything and I can't bring your appointment forward.

So I'm left to my own devices, I wondered whether any of you lovely chaps could advise anything for me to try that may potentially help me.

A little more info for you now, I started waking up really stiff and achey, at first I thought I'd slept funny, my back and neck were so stiff! Then my joints started hurting, wrists, ankles, knees, back, elbow, I ache all over and I feel permanently exhausted, I get out of bed tired and never feel refreshed. The worst thing is just being left to deal with it so I would love any advice or guidance to help me through until April.

Thank you all very, very much.


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Morning Debby, I t just say you have found a brilliant site full of lovely Fibro sufferers who will only give advice when applicable. So welcome but I hope you havent got Fibro and you must really wait until it is confirmed.

April is not that far away although when you are suffering it may seem it. Are you on any pain relief and if so what?

Paracetamol d Ibrufrofren are useful to help with aches but let us know what you take.

There is always someone to chat to on here good luck :) gisn


Hi! Thank you for your reply, I have dihydrocodeine and paracetamol to take as I have endometriosis but it doesn't really help with the pain much.


Hi Deb

Have you seen the FibroAction website?



Thank you, I'll have a look.


Hi Deb as gins and Lindsey say this is a really great site for fibro, though we are crossing our fingers it doesn't turn out to be fibro for you, though many of us on here with fibro have picked up other ailments we didn't expect quite so young... I have fibro and arthritis. Diagnosed with fibro at 25 ... The only advice I can offer until you get all you tests and appointments in April is see if you can see another GP at your surgery or get someone to go with you to your own GP and emphasise you know you have to wait till April but you are in pain now and what pain relief can you take to help... A lot of us use the heated wheat packs on bad days as well as any meds we have to take... And of course there is here for to come on and chat to. Complain too and there's usually at least one thread totally unrelated to well anything really for people to just join in and try to take their minds off the pain ...

VG xx


Hi Debbs,

Welcome to our happy band! Lots of advice for you on our site as mentioned above, and i do agree with VG about getting your GP to give you adequate pain relief.

I find hot baths and a some stretching exercises get rid of that awful morning stiffness and achiness, and though you will probably get some stronger pain killers from your doc, a couple of paracetamol takes the edge off it


We're glad you're here, and shall look forward to chatting to you!

Love Moffy x


Hi Debbs, welcome to the site, hope you find it as educational as we all do. Don't know what we would do without it. As good as our families are they don't really know what to say or do when we are suffering.


Thank you for replying.



welcome to this very supportive and friendly site.

you can always pm me if you like

i would suggest ibruprophen an excellent idea as long as you aren't asthmatic ?

has your GP done any blood tests yet ?

it would help as you wouldn't need to have them done @ your appointment then. Is the other thing polymialgia ? there is also a helpus site for it

hope you have as good a day as possible xx.


Hi! Thank you for your reply, I'm intolerant to ibuprofen and I am asthmatic. Yes my GP has done some blood tests and ruled out rheumatoid arthritis.

Thank you!


Hopefully your consultant will get to the bottom of whats going on, please believe me if you do have fibro you will cope. lots of people will have advice on things that help and many of us are on different meds so advice will be available on this as well.

polymyalgia is a diagnosis that i have also been given in the past, just so my arthritis and fibro don't get lonely ha ha

take care


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