Pip letters

Ho well hope everyone's as good as they can be today.

Just a little note to say I haven't heared anything from them yet but I think it's to soon.

We posted my lettered of compliant off yesterday all to sign for of course.

one to ATSO and we though we would drop DWP a line of who they are employing and how they treat us.

I also give them a full copy of my complaint I have sent to ATSO and a copy of the letter I got from ATOS that ATSO say they haven't sent or don't even have a letter like that and made me out to be a liar and said the letter must have come from some one else.

So we will just have to wait and see what there answer is I am most interested in what they have to say about the letter that doesn't exist cause I sent them a copy of there letter as well.

I am such they will find so excuses for it, the photo is of my son wrestling with his son that's just how I feel. Lol

Hope you can enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Take care G

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  • Good luck I have been told to drop my appeal and complaint and start again it's so unfair ,I wish you well

    Take care


  • Why how can you start again and who told you to do that.

  • I really don't get what you mean Chris, unles you appeal that's the end of it as far I am aware there is no starting again.

    I don't know my results so I am not complaining about that.

    Please explain a little more .


  • You can ask for a copy of your assessers report. That would give you your points, and why they were given.

    Ken did a post yesterday with a link to FMUK which had info on what you can do on certain issues. Not sure if it's what you're looking for but it may help 😺

  • Yes I seen that.

    I did tell them I want a copy but can't have one until the results are in regardless.

    Apparently I have to wait for my letter from the DWP then ask for a copy.

    Why they don't automatically send you a copy I don't know because that would automatically cut down on cost of yet even more admin and postage. Time is money time they learnt to use it wisely.

    Who would want a copy. Think I will bill them for my time cost of phone call if charged pen and ink paper. Hum hold that thought.

    Take care


  • My disability advocate ,because I was suppose to answer for 18 months ago and I can boil a kettle now I answered for now not then as I got to upset in court and the old advocate didn't pick up on what I was doing , because she didn't really care ,I originally applied arch 20 14 and didn't get assed till November 2014 then it got to appeal July 2015 so I have had some improvement in 18 months in some areas so ,it came across that I basically lied. And they have told me to drop it , not right but it's getting me to stressed I suppose

    You can start a fresh claime while appealing the first , Janet on here gave me that advise are benefits advisor. So if you lose the first one you have a second to back it up crazy I know but that what I am now doing.

    Staring all over again.

  • Ho I see

    I won't be doing that I don't think will just have to wait and see.

    How I gave tryed to answer is on good days and bad because there is a big difference for me.

    On really bad days I can't even boil a kettle but can on other days do I been honest as I can all way through.

    I have even told them I go for a jacuzzi when I am able to help but at same time I have told them I have to go with some one can't go on my own.

    I will just see how it goes I don't need an advo cate I can speak for my self.

    Thanks G

  • My advocate didn't speak for me ,but it would of helped when she had been asked if she had of and asked for water etcand when I was really upset she should of stepped in I had 3 people up on a full court situation discussing my double incontinece it was horrendous .

  • I have been in receipt. Off DLA for pasted 8 years also have a mobility car. That is what I think I will loose won't be happy but can live without a car.

    I will just be more house bound and any appointments will be taxi, lift. And will cost NHS more as they will have to provide transport for any hospital visits. And there's been a lot lately.

    I daren't even try to catch a bus because of my bowels job.

    Yes you can wear pads and I do if I really have to go out with already been to toilet once I have been so to say I am usually ok but still smells.


  • Yes well it's obvious we have similar issues I am having an endoscopie next month ,and they are looking into bladder and uterise issues as well ,and again I coped it for driving a manual car I can't afford automatic life's really a pain.

  • I have yet to hear one person who hasn't had problems with ATOS. You would think that someone with the power to do something about it would be tripping over themselves to sort it out.

    Keep up the good fight, it's the only way get the right outcome 😺

  • Ho I have been my MP and he's going to help me. Like I say it's not about having an assessment or the outcome of it. I don't know the out come off the assessment yet .

    The way in which it was done, why ask you to make a diary and take specialist reports and then when you give them to them they say it's not about reading essay any more.

    i will still be compliant ing to whom every will listen even if I keep all my bebefits.

  • Just hope that your complaint is listened to and good for you for sticking up to them as if we all lie back and take it nothi g will ever change.x

  • I have got my fingers crossed for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

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