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Mandatory reconsideration

Good Afternoon everyone, I hope everyone is not suffering too much today. I thought I just would update you ... Well after all the pip form filling, following the assessment with the dreaded atos, I was only given care at the standard rate. Nothing for mobility and it is mobility that affects me so much. I like most of you will be able to understand this statement. My partner and I sat for another 4 hours last Sunday sending off yet again all the copies of how the fibromyalgia, ptsd, depression, reynauds affect so my life. They seemed to be able to say that following a 20 min interview having not asked anything about how I get around or how much pain I was in that I had no mobility problems and no cognitive impairment . We all know that fibro fog is so disabling at times and even though he said he could not talk or ask me about ptsd , so their conclusion left me totally baffled. I still work full time would consider myself an intelligent person and being treated the way I have been really upset me and thought how does anyone manage that doesn't have a supportive partner cope let alone if anyone has even the slightest learning difficulties. I felt that I was being treated like a thief trying to take something that I was not entitled too, I have worked for 26 years full time and never had any benefits in my life, juggled a life as a mother missing out on so much and now I am housebound unless someone will help me even with basic things, I no longer can do my shopping or drive and my daughter took me to shopping centre about a month ago and that one experience for a v short period of time made me realise how difficult life in a wheelchair is going to be. I do not know the answer or know what we need to do but I do know there needs to be some help and understanding of our conditions and support. I am hoping that this mandatory reconsideration is going to bring the results I know I deserve and I know others many others have it that don't deserve as they are plastered constantly all over our Tv and people that genuinely need it are suffering with out. I will let your know how I get on and if I can be of help to anyone then please just ask. One thing I would say is benefits and work website has some invaluable information. Take care everyone and best wishes. xx Tracey xx

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Would you like me to send you guides on PIP? If you send me your email address (by private message) I can send these out and hopefully they can help you a little.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your weekend.

Karen xx


Could you please pm me some also smarcarkaz


Please could you send to me too. Thank you.


I just wanted to say that I am so sorry that you did not qualify for what you deserve, and I want to wish you all the best of luck with your mandatory reconsideration.

All my hopes and dreams for you



hi Rosie.

just come across ure post and was wondering how u got on with ure reconsideation?

like u I work but had to reduce my hours to half. I have lways worked full time and like u was made to feel like I was asking for something I shouldnt be!!

it is very soul destroying ...

I got awarded standard mobility and 2 points short of daily living.

u put in for reconsideration but it came back the same so now I as m taking them to tribunal....I don't have a partner so my daughter helps me out at home so much....

im hoping ure came back in ure favour☺ xx


Hi there I have only just joined this site to say I have gone through a nightmare with the DWP recently so much so that I have gone to my MP about this.I have had Fibromyalgia for 8 years as well as a frozen shoulder for the last 3 years.In February this got more serious and an ultrasound picked up a full tendon tear that needed surgery on my right shoulder . I have had to wait till the end of September to be operated on,so only a week and a half ago I had a general anaesthetic to have it sorted out and repaired.I had a horrific ATOS assessment back on The 28th August . Since Dec 2014 to the 18th September I have been on Permitted work as a housekeeper under the care of my GP who provided sick notes all along.I was not allowed to lift anything heavy. I then discover to my horror two days after surgery that I had failed the assessment back in August and my ESA would be stopped. Also apparently I am now fit to work because I had had day surgery. Although the hospital, my GP and Nurse who removed my stitches said I was not fit to work.I am a single mother with no money coming in.I am going through the Mandatory Reconsideration process right now. The joke is that they have said I need to go on JSA even though I have a job waiting for me in a months time.I am furious at the way I have been treated. Watch the space!!


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