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Reduce Restless Legs Syndrom

I came across several elderly ladies in the nursing home who had a used bar of soap on their mattress, under their fitted sheet...finially I had to inquire, only to find out it stops restless legs in alot of people. Since I have had RLS for several years I decided anything would be worth trying.,,,I put a half used bar of dail under my sheet.

Within 2 or three weeks I noticed I didn't have restless legs. It worked like a charm for me. Some people it doesn't work for, but alot of times it does.

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lol some of the old fashioned remedies are the best why that sould work i have no idea but if it does well get stocked up on your bars of soap and tell your family you are not mad lol love to you diddle x


Hi diddle so what did the little lady do with said bar of soap .


Hi Sharon,

Well if it works for you a cheap and cheerful remedy. Can't think why it works though. Still if it does don't knock it. there's a lot to be said for old fashioned remedies, my gran was full of them lol, and we still use a lot of them today..a lot of herbal remedies have been used for years. while i was in Canada last year i tracked down a herbal shop to get a remedy for my eyes..was amazing to see what was in there. Had a really good chat.

I'm on muscle relaxents for restless legs and they seem to work very well for me.

Take care

Jan xx


Hi what muscle relaxants?


Amazing. Will give it ago


Glad you found a solution to your restless legs. :) As other people have said sometimes herbal remedies are the best way.

I've been getting increasingly worse restless legs these past few nights and it's beggining to drive me mad - so I might have try it myself. :)

Did it cause the problem to go away completely? And, you put the soap on top of mattress, under the the bottom of the bed right?

Gentle Hugs,

wanderingwallflower xx


Definitely going to try a bar of soap on my mattress tonight under my sheet! Prepared to try anything to stop RLS, it really is an unbearable condition to have on top of Fibro and everything else. Thanks for the suggestion, can't wait to see if it helps! :)


It takes a few weeks to work, but for me it works great. Once my legs started up again and they were driving me crazy....then realized when my husband changed the bedding, he didn't put my soap back under the sheet. I put it back and my legs settled.

yes. on top of the mattress but under your fitted sheet....down by your feet. you dont need your feet on it...just in the vacinity... Give it 2 weeks. Mine is completely gone.


Can you tell me exactly what restless leg is? I have painful legs especially when in bed and can't get comfortable but is that the same thing?


Hi there...

does it need to be a certain coal tar soap for instantce? xx

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I was wondering whether it bothers the bed mites and makes them leave the area? I know all beds have them and they clear up our shed skin, but they cause alergies too - so this may even be useful for those who have dust alergies!

This is very interesting. Should make the bed smell nice too! I will give it a try, thanks for sharing.


You can use Ivory, or any kind of soap...and yes it does make the end of the bed smell nice. What ever bar of soap you use. The elderly ladies would put bars that they used 3/4 of them, then they would not waste them. :)


Love it, I think i'll try it starting tonight what have I got to lose except the joke will be on me. LMAO


How interesting ... I wonder what the science is behind it.


Can someone please explain what RLS is please? I suffer with awful pain in my legs lately and just can't find a comfortable position for them especially in bed at night and wonder if I have it.


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