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Sleeping anywhere

I really thought about entering this in the comedy corner because when I told my doctor she thought it was funny.

For ages now I have taken to falling asleep on the toilet.

Although I am a man because I take so long to pee I sit there on my raised seat and wait for a pee now when I am waking in the middle of the night to use the toilet I am there so long I just fall asleep and I can tell you one hour is nothing.

When I get taken out I also have to wear pads as I sometimes am not finished when I think I have. As I said earlier my doctor initially thought it was funny but she did send me for prostrate tests which found nothing as usual she says its my diabetic neuropathy she doesn't seem to want to know about my fibro although a reumotologist diagnosed it before my diabetes.

Its come to the point when my grandsons 7/11 come to visit and I am on the loo they come and ask if there is anything they can get me

Does anyone else have my toilet problem, I do hope not.

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No I haven't but I laughed with you not against you. The indignities we have to put up with. I have to laugh at your name as if I forget and get down on the floor to do some exercises and then get stuck on my back I often dissolve into fits of giggles and say to my OH that I must look like a stranded Tortoise who has fallen on its back.x


Hello tortoise123

I had a phase of falling asleep on the loo at night

I'm sure mine was medication related

As in taking ages to wee and being sleep

Now you can chuckle I don't mind

But I find I put my elbows and arm on my thighs and lean forward a bit

I wake up not knowing if I had a wee but freezing

So I stand my legs give way and cramp ,as my arms have stopped circulation

I grap handrail trying to pull my Knicks and pjs up

That's when I find my pjs are under my numb feet

The pins and needles are horrendous ,I nearly fall

or have in fell into radiator and bounced of the sink and fell back on the loo

I often scream and cry my hubbie use to come running

Thankfully not happened for a while but I can empathise

I'm not diabetic but sure it was medication

Amytiptyline maybe pregabalin and maybe duloxetine and oxycodone

Take care

Love squeak 🐷🐭xxx


Unfortunately I do believe you are not the only one who falls asleep on the porcelain throne!


Made me laugh about the porcelain throne. In my first job the loo was in a massive room the size of a living room. You had to go upnsteos to it and you sat on a type of platform. We never said I am going to the loo we always said we are going to the Throne Room. That brought back some memories😀x




I do have the problem of taking ages to pee. Have noticed it just lately. I don't know if it's the meds or the condition. It drives me mad lol


I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this issue. I have recently been under a Urologist as I have issues with the potty myself! I have a narrowed tube and it gets slightly squashed when sitting making it almost impossible to want to pee. Then upon getting up the tube opens and off I shoot to the loo for some relief. It isn't always that simple when I get there as it may take a while.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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