Any recommendations for a good mattress ?? We tried a while ago an orthopaedic one - it was like laying on concrete so it went back next day, we've now got a memory foam topped one and we always seem to feel achey in a morning especially my partner , thinking it's too comfy if you get me? So he's not fully supported hence the achiness

Any thoughts?

Happy weekend guys 😊 x

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  • I can only recommend that you try out lots of them in the shop, no one will mind as its vital to have the correct one. Don't be embarrassed, they cost a fortune, I must have tested every single one, took ages. xx

  • I have found memory foam ones suit me well, but there are so many different combinations these days. As Lou so rightly says, if you can get to try them out, it really is helpful, or if you can't get out, try to order one that has say a 30 day trial on it so you can return it if it doesn't suit you. 😊

    Foggy x

  • Probably best taking out a whole day to try some then - gotta crack this sleep thing he is so exhausted x

  • That is the problem with sleeping with someone as we often need different types of mattresses to feel comfortable. Often the sort of double bed which is split in the middle works best. Hard orthopedic beds can often be too hard for us but sometimes memory foam can mould around òur bodies too much. Some people find that a sprung mattress with a memory foam mattress can be a good combination. Hope you can find something to suit. X

  • This sounds very interesting! I'm only 31 he's only 46 we've been together a long time really don't want to have to resort to super ate beds already :( x

  • Thanks all of you - the mattresses that are deferent at either side sound really worth looking in to! Xx

  • My sister and her hubby have found the split ones work best for them!

  • I like John Ryan, you can call them, have a conversation about both of your needs and weights, they will give you suggestions of their own mattresses or others if they think they cannot help with their own. I went with them as I couldn't get anywhere to try out and they had lots of Q's which they'd answered including some from people with fibro. A year later and no regrets :-)

    Oh, google John Ryan and you'll find their website.

  • I have a memory foam mattress and it helps me personally. I do agree with the other respondents as trying quite a few out is probably the best idea.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I had a limited budget for a mattress but I knew it was one of the most important purchases I made.

    I got a "Body Balance Memory Foam Support 250 Mattress" and oh my god it is the most comfortable mattress I have ever had. Even my girlfriend wants to to stay over just to enjoy my mattress.

    I use world stores online, they sell really good names products for a reduced cost. I got that mattress with pillows for £100, a right bargain.

    But like others say it is something that you should take some time testing ones out, the only reason I didn't was because I have crippling social anxiety, and a limited budget.

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