Looking for a Lite Weight self propelled wheelchair? Can anyone help me

I'm looking for a light weight self propelled wheelchair that my husband can push but also I can use to maneuver myself if need too.

I've looked into the Karma Ergo Lite but does anyone have actual advice as in used one and any helpful comments.

Before I buy one I wanted to know any good or bad points to look out for.

I will be buying a new one rather than second hand.

My fibromyalgia is getting worse and using my sticks is becoming more of a problem than not using them. My back and legs are so painful that we know it's that time to make that next move and buy a wheelchair

I don't want a motor one as we have nowhere to store it, also I feel I will be just moving along side my husband and/or friends at their pace, too difficult also my hands are beginning to really hurt with arthritis

Looking forward to any useful hints, replies.


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  • it might be worth looking on eBay, you can get new ones on there that are reasonably priced and they have all sorts of styles. My stick is from eBay (£15) and it is a walking stick that folds out into a chair! :)

    I would say to make sure that even though it is light weight it is cushioned (or you have a seat cushion to put on it) or you could end up being uncomfortable. Check that it can support your weight + a little more as you may have a bag with you. Ensure it is wide enough for you to sit comfortably and not feel squished.

    Most importantly, check it is stable. The last thing you want is something lightweight but that has unsuitable wheels or the fabric seat rips or something!

  • you can apply through your gp, physio or consultant for a referral for a wheelchair.

    I have a four wheeled walker that converts into a short-term wheelchair. It fold to fit in a car, bus and train.

    my post about it is here:-


  • Hi there lottieonline, i just wondered if maybe you should go and try a self propelled wheelchair at a disability aids shop first, it might be too painful for you to manouvere with athritic hands. I am going to try out a mobility scooter for the same reason. Best of luck,

  • Shazzy has made the sugestion that I was about to make, that a self propelled chair may be too painful on arms and hands. Also as I understand it you need a fair amount of upper body strength. I tried a scooter in the supermarkets and found that they were too painful on my hands, arms an neck.

    I have gone for a folding battery powered wheel chair. It folds down to just 6" wider than a non power chair, plus two batteries. The chair plus dog fits into the back of our zaphira with one seat folded.

    I have only had a couple of outings so far but find it easy to steer using the joystick . I love it. I get to go out with the family and be able to join in, rather than having to sit in the car.

    And with a power chair I have the freedom to go where I want instead of having to rely on my `pusher`

    I hope that you find what suits you, Hugs sue xx

  • Hi. I have been using a mobility scooter for the past three years and couldn't do without it. Are you on DLA or PIP? If you are you could be eligible for the Mobility Scheme where you lease expensive equipment and get cover for breakdowns, the RAC pick you and vehicle up and take you home. My advice though is to find a centre and talk to them about your needs and physical problems because they can advise you properly. The scooter I was after wasn't suitable, but the one I've had is great! I hope you find what you need soon. I also have arthritis in my hands, so I can sympathise with you.

  • Hi Lottieonline

    I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing such problems, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I think the others have made a really good comment about trying a self propelled wheelchair first, as you may find it too painful to do?

    The NHS Wheelchairs are very heavy if you are given the basic wheelchair. My wife had one to start with and it weighed a ton! The best route to go down through the NHS is Rehabilitation Department, as they have the ability to refer and allocate wheelchairs and you could discuss with them about a lightweight chair?

    If you are going to purchase a wheelchair their are many affordable ones online.

    I am sending you a PM with a link to a well known site that had many cheap and affordable wheelchairs for you to look at.

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with getting yourself a good wheelchair.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Ken

    Being cheeky here but could you send me the link for affordable wheelchairs too.. its something I have in mind for me, many thanks xx Angie

  • Hi Mistyang

    I have sent you a PM with the link. I hope that you are well today?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Thank you so much Ken, that is really useful. x

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