having a rant

two rants now cos my post just got deleted as composing it.

having colonoscopy on 2nd oct and pre assessment on24th sept.had colonoscopy two years ago under sedation and didn't at that time have to diet or have pre prep to take before hand.in my experience each time I have had sedation for such procedures have had no knowledge of anything that has gone on as although "not asleep" was totally unaware of anything except "waking up/coming to"after the procedure.

not going into great detail cos of HU guidelines but just ended an "email friendship"cos someone was getting "narky" and "indignant" cos amongst several things I said I had only ever seen what was going on on the screen when having scans done and wouldnt be able to do so under sedation.they couldn't accept what I told them and i got accused of not accepting what they told me .

what are anyones experiences of being sedated?were you aware of what was going on during the procedure?

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  • I had sedation a couple of months ago for some serious dental work, I basically was aware when I was told I'd feel a bit dizzy and after that I was next aware near the end of the procedure. I don't know whether I was passed out, asleep or just really not there mentally, but apart from being a little groggy for a while afterwards I was fine.

  • Hi, I think that's one of anaesthetics they give where your e not completely under, but you have absolutely no memory of what's occurred

  • Everyone has a different reaction to anaesthetic, sedation may knock one person out and another may be just drowsy. As a carer for my husband I was given gas and air (can't spell the name of it) when I had a colonoscopy and was well aware of proceedings. Some people will never listen to a different point of view and are not worth worrying about. Lou xx

  • I had gas and air because I need to be as alert as this illness allows to take care of my Husband. x Lou

  • im not worried about what some people think.everyone on here has been supportive and given great advice especially when fibro fog disallows me to make the simplest of decisions.this person who is obviously very opinionated and only her view sticks said I should apologise for something ive said because in their words i didnt accept what she said and they seemed to know and have had "every condition and procedure under the sun" even what gps claim not to have heard of .there are so many conditions with the same or similar symptoms yet she was adamant I had a particular condition which was concluded cos I had a swollen tongue.

  • I was un-sedated for my first a mildly sedated for second. for me, I was fine for both.

    I insisted I was fully out for the down the throat investigation, the name for which escapes me, and knew nothing until I woke up.

  • endoscopy?

  • no thanks I've had one :D :D :D

    yes, endoscopy was the word I was looking for, thank you :)

  • I had sedation for my endoscopy and knew nothing after the consultant said "ill spray your throat as well"until I woke up.for me sedation is as good as a general anaesthetic with faster recovery time.

  • Hi anbuma

    I have never been put under sedation or general anesthetic due to my Asthma and COPD, but I wanted to wish you all the best of luck with your procedure and I genuinely hope that you find some resolution and relief to this issue.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi ken

    have you ever had an operation?if you cant have sedation or a GA what would happen?not wishing any thing upon you just wondering.

  • I have had dental surgery but with just morphine and ketomine. I had a very minor operation a long time ago the same way, and I also had oxygen with it. It is just a case of preparing yourself for it. It is not over painful just very uncomfortable and unnerving as morphine and ketomine works really well.

  • I just had a colonscopy last week. I must say I was very tense before hand, partly because I was afraid they would find something awful but also just because of the whole idea. I was sedated and slept through the whole thing. Never had any pain or discomfort afterwards. I never knew what happened when I got my wisdom teeth pulled either, though that was so long ago, I shouldn't be able to remember!

    Everyone has their own kind of reactions to medications, stresses, and just about every circumstance in life. For your "friend" to be so condescending seems to me to be a good reason to cut off the relationship. A real friend would not treat you that way.

  • thank you clare for your reply.im glad now ive ended this "friendship".i so tried to"get along with her" even when got negative feedback and their tone left somethign to be desired.i know I walk my dogs to the beach cos im lucky enough to live in a coastal town,i would get comments implying I cant be that bad if I can walk my dogs despite my saying it has become difficult so much so im in pain by the time I get to the end of the street and stop and rest every so often and now get a bus home most days .their tone was often sarcastic as if this person was perhaps jealous .

  • Hi, I had sedation for colonoscopy too. For me I seemed to drift in & out of consciousness. I happened to wake up at just the right time to see the screen when they removed a polyp but was pretty much out of it the rest of the time - couldnt stay awake if I tried.

    Good luck & hope your procedure goes well xxx

  • Hey. Am in hospital right now, had flexible thingy camera and biopsy this morning. They wanted to put in cannula. Couldn't get one in so I went down & had entenox. I was told that they don't give full anaesthetic just something to relax and take edge off pain. You can see the screen with this kind of anaesthetic as I could with gas and air. It may depend on the type of procedure, mine wasn't one of the really big procedures they can do, so maybe that was the difference.



  • hi Hope

    hope it went well for you,

  • I know that I know I am going to sound like a big softy here. i had an op to remove some of the colon,and tho it was very tender when healing. I generally do not complain and just got on with it. I have had several Gastroscopies and they were fine. No problems and eating toast shortly after. Now this is the problem. After surgery. I have adhesions. I did not know why but the last three colonoscopies have been really painful . No way was I going to give in because I needed to know what was wrong. My consultant explained the problem to me. It does not however stop me from being wary of any further ones. The first, as I say. Was just uncomfortable and I to watched tv. I am not telling anyone this in order to put them off. Rather it is to try to console myself that I am not the only one who has felt pain.

    Wishing you all well . x

  • Forgot to mention. As lou60 says. We all have different reactions. As in most things in life. Thank you all for sharing with me. I wish I could spell illeal. because i had a right ----- colostomy lol

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