Fibro survival kit

So its been a wheelchair day for me today. Not too good. So I decided to make my own flare up kit. It got me thinking if anyone else has on or if someone even sold them so I got googling. Turns out quite a few people have one, do any of you have One and what's in yours?

I put microwave wheat packs

Disposable heat pads

Pain pills

Twisty cushion

Eye mask


Zentangle workbook

Adult colouring book and pencils

Soft blanket

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  • What a good idea. I think i might add rescue remedy or lavender oil.

  • A thermoflask with hot drink and a bottle of cool water to keep you hydrated :) Mabe a pkt of suger free sweets aswell x

  • Not the ones that make you "run" to the toilet. :-D

  • Oh nooooo, only a few sweeties to keep your mouth lubriated, we don't want to end up with looooooooose poo :) xxxx

  • do you guys suffer from very dry mouth too - I thought that was just me - I constantly feel like I have the sahara desert in there lol

    I keep mint humbugs in the car xx

  • O yeh, big time, the medication can cause this :) xxx

  • My dentist told me to chew sugar free chewing gum to help, and surprisingly it really does work πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒ

  • Yeh, that does help Foggy, keeps the mouth feeling fresh also :) xxxx

  • I may have to get me some - chase them dragons away that jump out when I open my mouth ahahaha xx

  • Door double bolted,,

    coal for the stove,,

    phone off the hook and curtains pulled with limited soft light,,

    a sign on the door saying "No callers without appointment" Just incase they can't read or think they are a special case, I also have a bell that is lit up but has a switch to turn the sound of and I don't believe in letterboxes or knockers,,, why would you put a hole in or give them something to bang what was a perfectly good door!


  • Hello Ray B

    Nice to meet you and everyone else to

    I defenately agree with your reply

    Why won't" They leave me alone "

    It's how I recover rest peace and comfortable bed with loads of pillows books,iPad and tv

    I need to get that door bell

    It really made me laugh

    Take care

    Squeak 🐷🐭xx

  • Oh Piggy, I can be in so much pain that I would probably accidentally gnaw someones head off and wouldn't even notice the blood splatter,, they really don't want to be around me when I'm in that state, and the well meaning talk just sets my teeth on edge!



    I wonder if we are related lol

    Or just both in horrid pain

    I wish family ,well a certain sister in law who wants to check herself I'm as I describe !!!!!!!

    When will they learn to leave me until I ask for help

    Pain and depression are best friends and therefore gnawwing heads of is normal behaviour me thinks

    You have cheered me up Ray

    Love your sense of humour

    Squeak 🐷🐭xxx

  • such witt hahaha lol - ou have brightened up my day

    I could just imagine you on a TV show - like Little Britain hahaha x

  • Hahaha - I love your way of thinking - never considered the door thing before lol x

  • I once seen a sign,,, it was just an 8ft by 4ft sheet of plywood attached to a fence. It made no pretence at being anything other than an 8 X 4 and in big red matt paint it said " RELATIVES BY APPOINTMENT "

    I of course don't need such a vulgar thing attached to my little fence.

    After dad died, I closed the door.

    Dad was a cracker,, he was stone deaf,,, his sister called one day and couldn't get an answer. She peered through the window and seeing him sitting reading the paper,, she started flapping her hands and rapping the window to get his attention,,, eventually he looked up and went over to the window pulled the curtain slightly and turned the blind down.

    She waited at the door for a while but eventually went away.

    Silence has a very powerful voice!

  • I have oil of cloves , lavender oil , pain meds , bottle of water , foot heat pads , and gloves and circulation gloves and splints . Colouring book pencils yoga zentangle cards and pencil case iPad and blanket ,chewing gum and fresh fruit salad in the fridge .shadow and Murphy for cuddles πŸ˜€

    People text me or phone before they call if they do ,so I get no unwanted visitors , but I think a sign on front door might be a good idea .

    chris πŸ˜€

  • That sounds a wonderful idea my friend and it is not something that I have thought about but now I will give it some thought. Thanks for sharing your idea. I genuinely and sincerely hope that you feel more like your usual self again soon.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Umbrella



    Water bottle


    Small throw blanket

    Extra meds enough for 2 days

    Baby wipes

    Sugar free gum

    Extra clothes

    Dry food

    And we call it a tornado emergency pack

  • Well sometimes fibro feels like a damn tornado sweeps you off your feet and leaves you bruised and disorientated! I need no such sign I have a very antisocial husband that's like a bull dog. He gets the door and nobody gets past him unless he approves lol

  • i have a table that looks like the ones used in hospitals that can be pulled up to the bed (only mine is rather nice looking). i keep my laptop, pens and paper plus snacks and water. i make sure to have enough pillows the prop up my arms so my neck and back are properly aligned. has made a huge difference. i don't allow myself to keep my pain meds though. feel like if i want a pain pill i need to get myself up and get it. probably stupid but for some reason feel it's important. anyway, try the table. it's been a huge help.

  • Love it! I would also add a good session on FA UK to enjoy a good laugh at 'pic of the day' and read the wonderful supportive messages from our fellow fibromites - always cheers me up xx

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