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Hi everyone, on top of fibro and many other issues I've now been diagnosed with h.pylori unfortunately I'm allergic to anti biotics so have to live with it! Really find every hour difficult with the stomach pain and bloating.

Please if anyone out there has any information at all on H.Pylori (diet - anything) I really would appreciate it as really desperate.

Hugs to you all xx

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  • Obviously I suggest you talk this over properly with a health professional, the only thing I can think of is live yogurt or the drinks, you do need further medical input though xx

  • Thank you, I've been discharged from hospital told to see my GP which I did she said the only way to try and heal this is taking 3 antibiotics at same time for two weeks. I tried this and I'm allergic to two of the meds! Asked them to refer me to dietician but she said best way forward is try and control it by eating little and often and I am doing this also taking probiotics.

    The surgery is so busy think they have too many patients and so little time while also keeping with their budget.

    Having fibro, diverticular disease, under active thyroid, severe back probs, partially sighted, high blood pressure, CFS, terrible depression, high blood pressure, I could go on! Being diagnosed with H Pylori is causing extra pain and discomfort, no help from health service so very upset

    Sorry for going on but can't talk to anyone else about it.

    Gentle hugs and thank you again.

  • Sorry four boys.....I seemed to have inherited bad things from both my parents. My mom had colitis, and my dad peritonitis. So I understand the intestinal problems. I get angry from time to time, which I was sort of the past couple of days. I have 12 siblings that don't have all these problems. I am angry. I have not had an easy life to begin with, and now I have all these symptoms that are overwhelming.

    My one sister does have diverticula and she rubs her belly in small circular motions clockwise around her belly. She says this helps a lot and that it can move the intestines around. I do this when I seem to have a lot of gas and bloating. Sometimes I get a sharp pain, everyone tells me is gas. The circular motions help a lot. Certain foods and seeds have to be avoided.

    I hope this helps...

  • I take probiotics supplement, aloe Vera juice (George's best taste) is a healing and calming for digestion. It might heal your stomach. This stuff is great and gentle. I also take a digestive enzyme, which helps a lot. I was told to eat a bigger lunch, and very small dinner.. I find I am particularly bloaty in the evening...dinner time. I don't know why this is. If I eat light, I dont bloat.

    I always had a slow moving intestine. I even had gastro yell at me because I wasn't completely cleaned out for my colonoscopy. I followed the directions,and did what he said. What I thought was interesting is that he was the specialist in this field. And didn't have a clue as to why my intestines were slow moving. Just gave me a pill for 3 months. Which, by the way,got taken off the market years later for being unsafe. Go figure! Wonder why I don't like doctors.

    Sorry you are in such discomfort. I also had a naturopath tell me to chew my food 40 times before swallowing. This worked well, but I didn't have the patience. Ugh?

    Hope you can get some help soon

  • Thank you, I have left a reply on Lou1064, sorry but I can't copy and paste on this tablet xx

  • Coconut juice, but sorry can't remember why. But a doctor told me good for digestive purposes but perhaps you can get to see a dietician.

  • Thank you, I have left a reply on Lou1064, sorry I can't copy and paste on this tablet xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that, and I am aware this can lead to ulcers. I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for, as there must be something that will help you? I remember, many years ago, reading about eating plain simple food and not spicy or pungent foodstuffs. I do not really know if this will help you or not?

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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