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Help needed please

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Hi all

Hope everyone is well.

Need some advice please I'm currently in the process of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia but just waiting on results to rule out lupus and sjogrens.

I'm really struggling with fatigue is there anything or any type of medication I can take to stop the fatigue and give me more energy

Any help or advice would be much appreciated

Many thanks emma 🙂

10 Replies
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Hi Emma,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so fatigued.

Have you had your Vitamin D and Iron levels tested? Low levels can make you feel weak and achy.

Have you Googled "The Spoon Theory"? This is about pacing and not doing too much at one time.

Do you think you may be suffering SAD Syndrome? It is quite common to feel low and lethargic at this time of year with the lack of sunshine and short daylight hours.

I have a special lamp which does help and can recommend it.

If you can, go for a short walk every day even if only for 15 mins. It is surprising how a few minutes in the fresh air can make so much difference for your frame of mind.

I feel sure you will get other useful replies from our fibro folk.


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I'm so sorry you are struggling with this, but this is a wonderful site full of info and really nice people.

I can not help you on the medication side as I only use natural remedies and stay functional so far, as long as I stay consistent on my treatment.

I feel the most important thing for me is juicing at least once a day. It helps me with energy, body aches, it helps my muscles loosen. Blending is also very beneficial, but I haven't really done it, so I can't really comment on it.

Stretching and doing full range of motion type movements is extremely helpful.

Foam rolling and massaging brings oxygen & blood flow to the muscles and helps them heal. This especially in the beginning is extremely painful, or was for me. But totally worth every second of agony. But if you de-inflame yourself and loosen the muscle first, I'm sure it will be easier.

I have recently added Apple Cider vinegar with mother and lemon and raw honey in the morning. It is supposed to get rid of inflammation.

Magnesium chloride oil diluted with distilled water, I rub it on muscles every night. They help them loosen and takes the edge off of any that are pulling.

Staying active while still resting is also important, and one I am still dealing with. I want to just go and I have to make myself rest sometimes. And when I'm really sore I have to still move. I learned that I hurt less if I work the sore area a little.

Anyways, those have helped me tremendously. We are all different so what helps one of us might not help everyone. But you can try something and see if it helps.

Good luck

Take care×

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angiesmith50 in reply to naturalnikki

Hiya Emma welcome to the gang. I have found that B12 vitamins and magnesium oil spray have helped with fatique. These are found to be lacking in fibro sufferers. If it is fibro you have then unfortunately fatique does play a huge part. Good luck xx

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Hi thank you for your replys.

I suffer with low iron and vitamin d currently on medication for them but still feeling so tired all the time and the random pains I get all over my body are a nightmare.

I have noticed if I do to much in the day I pay for it big time so like one of you said I have to pace myself and take tests when I need them. It's so frustrating tho cause I like to just get things done.

I will be sure to try everything that you've all advised anythings worth ago to just feel a little better and have a bit more energy


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Hi Ems666

I am so genuinely sorry that you are feeling so tired and drained and apart from B12 and Vit D there are medications that you could discuss with your doctor. If they feel that they are suitable for you the most common used is a Parkinson's drug called ''Symmetrel / Amantadine.'' It is regularly given to MS patients to help fight fatigue.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I tried a juice every day for a month and I'm convinced it helped. I only work part time and cannot now afford to by all the stuff I need as well as everything else but I think it helped. Fresh ginger green apple celery spinach and orange and sometimes carrot, believe it or not very tasty. I am fairly new to this and now have vitamin D deficiency it seems never ending but we must struggle on. take care. xx

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Ems666 in reply to leilah56

I know what you mean by never ending Hun.

I've woke up this morning and feel hungover but I've not been drinking it's horrible.

I've not long gone back to work after being on maternity leave I work as a support worker on maternity unit I work one night a week and that's enough for me it takes me a few days to recover after doing a night shift but it's the only shift I can work because of my husbands work and the kids.

I will defo try juicing.

I have tried them new tetley fruit teas and they seem to give a lil boost but it just doesn't last long☹️

I'm just sick of planning what I can and can't do in my day as I know if I do to much I pay for it the next day sorry for the lil rant it just so frustrating

You take care too xx

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Have a look and see how the Americans cope as they seem to know more about it,that's what I do. I know Sunday I could not even move the whole of me was in pain and i just kept crying. I am hoping to buy a SAD lamp as apparently I have SAD ALSO. Sometimes I just feel like a hypochondriac as it's always something. xx

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Hi Ems666 I'm sorry you are struggling with fatigue at the moment and I truely hope you can get some relief very soon. I see you have some fantastic advice already that I can't really add to..just wanted to say I hope you feel better soon, I'm afraid fatigue is the worst symptom for some ppl.with fibromyalgia so I do feel for you.

Peace, luv n light

Jan x

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Hi l have fibro and like you had lots of tests to rule out other things l take pain relief now but it's about finding out what suits you. But when I feel really tired this weather doesn't help l take Melatonin tonic most chemist sell this and it does work for me l even sleep a bit better when taking it hope this helps good luck Carol x

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