Blasted Fibro won't leave me alone

Well hear I am again - spent the last 3 and a half hours in bed tossing and turning and trying my hardest to sleep for my exam at 1.30 today )-;

Dang and blast it - thought I may as well just get up

Just having some toast and a drink then I will get my books out.

Hopefully I will manage at least some shut eye later.

Gosh I hate this bloody thing - I have worked so hard and have actually had a good week - not without pain but at least no fog and been able to get some sleep.

This last couple of nights has been horrendous - aaaaarghh

Anyway - got that off my chest xxx

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  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you cannot sleep. I sincerely hope that you can manage a little shut eye before your exam. I also want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • thanks Ken x

  • Good luck with sleep and exams!!

  • Hope you feel better and good luck with your exams, it will be worth it x

  • Wishing you good luck for both the exam and the sleep. Maybe when the exam is over you will rest easier :)

  • well guys I eventually nodded off around 5am. Got up at 10 and stood in the shower for ages to wake me up. Took hounds for a very short stroll then a quick bite to eat before heading off.

    I had my voice reader playing in the car all the way to my exam hahaha to try to stop me panicking and to offer a last minute refresh to see if it would stick in my head.

    Anyway I could not remember the name of one single theorist but thankfully I was able to talk about the meanings and relate it to my practice.

    I forgot loads of words - took me about 5 minutes to remember what it is that you take to stop getting pregnant - for the life of me I could not remember it was contraception hahaha

    Top and bottom, having looked back my notes now I am home, I actually do believe I have done it - yippee xx

    Fibro did not completely beat me this time round - it;s one nil to me hahaha xx

  • That is great to read, good luck my friend x

  • I'm behind on checking in, reading my emails, so definitely late ... but do hope your exam went well for you!

    AND, I hope that sleep situation gets better, too! I'm having sleep troubles as well ... If I find an answer, I'll share on here (in a locked post, tho' ... ! I keep trying to remember that!)! BK

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