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Well decided to take the plunge and ask a q to anyone really, my q is what support do you get from your GP regarding fm? I was diagnosed via rheumatologist 5 ys ago, I was already given amatriptyline and fluoxatene as I had breast cancer and needed some meds to help with sleep/and depression and understand this is what is often given for fm? since i was diagnosed it has never been spoken about from my gps or practice nurse in some respects it would surprise me if they even know i have it cos have never been pffered any advice/support so just was curious as to what others had from their gp, i do have a lot of other medical probs and most of these i self help so do not see gp very much.

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Hi, My GP is very nice, however she has never labelled me with FMS, I was diagnosed by a GP through my work about 8 years ago after suffering with symptoms for about 6 years since having the human parvo b19 virus. Although my gp takes all my new symptoms seriously and has sent me for further investigations recently all my results have come back as non conclusive, which doesn't help me or her. My gp only ever says i have chronic fatigue syndrome. Suppose at the end of the day it really doesn't matter what the label is as long as you get support and accept things for yourself.

Take care x


Hello Nanna, great to see you posting, I hope we can be of some help and support to you. We are all here for each other at any time. :) :)

I have a lovely GP, she is very understanding. When I first went to her over three years ago, I was struggling to get through my 12hr+ shifts at work, I had widespread pain all over my body, zero energy and generally felt really ill. She referred me to a Rheumatologist who frankly didn't understand at all. I remained under his care for 6 months and then realised I was wasting my time, so I asked to be released from his care and transferred to another Rheumatologist that I had heard of from a fellow Fibro friend. This new Rheumatologist had a special interest in Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME). She diagnosed me with all three conditions. All my medications were changed and my overall health and condition improved no end. Now I just get my repeat prescriptions from my GP and don't see my Rheumatologist. It's an open-ended arrangement whereby if I am worried about anything I can 'phone her secretary and make an appointment etc,

Some medical professionals seem very loathed to mention the "F" word (Fibromyalgia) and many don't seem to recognise it at all. However times are changing as there is more awareness out there now thankfully. Hopefully in years to come people won't have to go through the tough stage of reaching a diagnosis and then getting the proper treatment and meds etc. It's a time thing unfortunately. Stick with it folks and if you don't feel you are getting the correct care for your condition, you are entitled to a second opinion. :) :)


Hello. My GP has been fantastic. All the reumatoligall is can do is confirm the diagnosis in Cornwall as we have no specialists or FM clinics here. The other Gp's in our sergery just kept giving me antidepressants and said its no wonder you ache if you have 2 small children and a disabled husband to look after.My new GP came into the sergery after i had had 2 stroke like attacks. My body eventually saying enough is enough. She started the tests to find out what i had and didnt just fob me off with antidepressants. Since then our Fibro Friends support has got a list together of sympathetic Drs who understand FM.If your Dr is not understanding change drs. On the other hand you need to be honest with your dr if you expect them to treat you propely,reminding them that you have FM before they prescribe you anything so thay dont prescribe you anything that can make your FM worse.People with FM can be very sensitive to medications or some medications have no effect whatsowever. xxxx


Thanks for your responses, I am starting to understand that everybody has different ways of living with FM.

I do often wonder if I should change my GP ?, I have very low confidence with GP,s and would love a female GP but we do not have any, I did have a wonderfull GP who has left to work abroad, I cried when he left as he knew me and my medical history as I do have other illnesses but I now self manage them.

So now I feel that I cannot go to GP unless its an urgent or needed after surgery, wish I did not feel like this but feel very vunerable so maybee its just me and how I deal with things, anyway again thanks for the responses and I will continue to browse to learn from others.

hugs, ( gentle ones of course)


You don't say if you work or not. My GP doesn't want to deal with it either. She says patients just get passed around between rheumatologists, neurologists and pain clinics which I know isn't the case - it might have been once but have 2 friends with FM locally and they both get excellent services. If you're working or otherwise independent financially, it's not a big issue but if you ever need benefits, it can become a big deal.

Interestingly enough, I have breast cancer at the mo and it's a dawdle compared to my FM!

Whippet x


i do normally work i run a small mobile business so i can work to suit myself its easier this way but after another fall in nov i broke my collar bone and it never healed prob due to diabetes so had op last week to remove a part of the bone that did not heal.

And i have signed myself off sick on the 12 june because i failed the ESA medical??????????????????? as if i could fake a broken shouldrer so decided sod them am not going to tribunal so am returning to work, i wont be able to do much untill shoulder heals as i am a beauty therapist , but it gets them off my back so am just going to do it step at a time i hope.



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