Morning - I am not alone !!!!!

Well only having joined yesterday, but having suffered with this thing since 1996, it was reassuring to get up this morning to find an email from, people who cant sleep, have problems with pain, brain fog, the strain of trying to sleep and being awake etc etc the list goes you all well know. I would just like to say thank you, for all the posts and feedbavk that I have read, I am glad that I am not alone in this, thank god for the internet and groups like this!!! XH

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  • Morning and welcome... Nice to see another new face hope to hear lots more from you

    VG x

  • Good morning. I only joined yesterday too! I agree. It was nice to read the emails from people who understand how this illness feels and to know its not in my head. I was diagnosed 3 years ago and have had very little help or understanding from anyone. My hubby suggested i join as i find the illness very isolating and spend a lot of time alone these days. hope you all have a good day and keep smiling. x

  • I only joined yesterday too. I've spoken to some lovely people and I've been given good ideas, suggestions and advice. Happy to be here :) xxx

  • hi welcome to all of you the more of us there are the more we have experience to help with the various conditions that tag along with fibro x J

  • Hi I joined about 3/4 weeks ago and it was so nice to get in my inbox ," you have a reply" as on other sites nobody spoke. I even went on fb and if i put having a rough time people clicked the like button! When I said why they said " oh because there is no dislike one" whats that all about !! Any way welcome and hope to chat with you at some time x

    Gentle hugs :-0

    rd xx

  • Sorry Iment to send a smiley face hit wrong , :-)

  • Thank you all I wish I had thought of joining before, you do feel incredibly isolated and as though you are losing your mind so very often, I am lucky I have learnt to deal with day to day living and have a stunning family, but then along come ATOS and off we go on a new rollercoaster. But due to trying to research for my medical I found the site, out of adversity good things can come along. I know I wont get a lot of sleep but, I will look forward to not being alone tomorrow. I dont know how to do smily faces yet xx XH

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