Finally .... I ve accepted I need support

hello im Jools .... Diagnosed a couple of months ago but thought I could muddle my way through but after another restless night I'm sat here with heat balm and a hot water bottle having taken pain killers and anti inflammatory tablets .... If you knew me you would think I was life and soul of the party ... Always laughing and joking but my spark has slowly gone and I feel alone . I should also add I've got a brain tumour (second one) all be it Benign its still life changing - but I work full time in a busy office and not let it get me down and here I am in tears not able to cope with fibromyalgia .... What is wrong with me - I'm stronger that that or at least I thought I was xx

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  • Morning I so glad you have posted. We are many who suffer this silent disease. You have obviously been through massive changes with tumour and coping. In fact your coping mechanism is brilliant. So take heart there lots of support here amongst friends.It is a great site so tour around it

    y queries

    We do a lot of laughing and being impossibly silly it is a coping mechaniswm and I must admitt it works with brilliance. on your right had sie are the regulations have a look any queries ask away.

    Hope to see you joining in best wishes


    Administrator FMAUK

  • Hello Julie

    A lot to cope with. I did not want to accept help until my gran decided to haunt me. She entered my dreams three times in a week, telling me to get help. Strongest woman I ever met so listen to her. Fibro is not for wimps, gentle hug.

  • Thankyou Betty xx

  • You still are strong. You seem to be coping admirably. Don't let Fibro take you away. You still work, with everything you are going through? Wow! You should be proud of yourself.

    As Ginsing said laughter is the best remedy. As life and soul you must have a good sense of humour, use it xx

  • Hi Julie62

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcoem to the forum and I sincerely hope that you find it useful, informative and loads of fun! I have pasted you a link below to our parent site, Fibromyalgia Action UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    Fibromyalgia Action UK

    Fibro can be a debilitating and cruel illness, and it can take time to truly come to terms with its effects. I was wondering if you have medication to help alleviate your pain? If these are not working then there are quite a few different kinds that you could discuss with your GP or Medical Specialist. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Jules like you I was diagnosed a couple of months ago, I went to rheumatologist with lots of symptoms both my GP and rheumy were thinking connective tissue disease but at that first meeting she also diagnosed first I thought I was just being fobbed off..... but after coming on this forum and looking up symptoms I realise that I can relate to a lot of them......I still think there is something else going on in the background just hasn't reared its ugly head yet ...... I have other health stuff going on too.....still feeling like I am just taking baby steps in this world of fibro.... but what I dont want to happen is that every new ache pain etc is put down to fibro which is what happened when I was diagnosed with Raynauds but that may just be me being cynical.

  • I think that's an important point that every new ache pain etc should NOT be automatically put down to being part of Fibro. I've been my own worst enemy in this regard and am ruefully regretting that now. ..I'm now trying to ensure anything new gets separately investigated and only then if no cause found will I be okay with saying it is most likely part of Fibro. You sound like you are much wiser in this regard than I have been. All best.

  • Thank you for your messages ... I really don't associate every pain with fibro that's why it's taken so long to get diagnosed as I thought everything was associated to my brain tumour symptoms because they mirror each other .... The only thing I do know is what ever Illness is causing these symptoms ... I'm tired ... But up again with my lip gloss on ready fir work loL 💕💕💅💋

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