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I,ve been out to see the Hobbit

After saving spoons for the last two days I made it to the afternoon showing of the Hobbit. at my local cinema... My OH came with me , we caught the hail and ride bus there and back... IF you liked lord of the rings I suggest you go, but at 3 hours long with an interval, save up your spoons you will use them...

Relaxes happily with heat pack....

VG x

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I loved the lord of the ring films and was really looking forward to the hobbit but I just can't sit for that length of time, plus he's decided to make it a trilogy again aswell so I've now decided to wait for the DVD's and watch them at home.

Glad you enjoyed it though :)


So pleased you made it and had a good time VG! Boy that's a long haul to sit down on a small hard seat! Well done for managing it all that time!

Take it easy tonight, rest tomorrow too!

(((hug))) xxx



Blushes ,,,,, we had seats at the very back for more leg room and cos there were no children I sat on a booster cushion so I was well padded... My OH slunk down the aisle to get me a booster cushion trying to pretend he was invisible



Your OH sounds lovely and just what you need VG, bless him! :) xxx


He is but he's only just stopped laughing ,,,, see my banned from Christmas blog


Just seen it and my eyes are boggling out of my head! :O :o


So jealous so you made it to the Hobbit whata treat worth the pain " ! xgins


So pleased you made after resting up!! Claire x


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