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Fibro putting me off holls


I'm meant to be going away to Great Yarmouth on Saturday, but I feel so drained , ache all over . There is so much to do all I want to do is go back to bed . Not looking forward to long drive as my right leg gets worse to point have to put support on ankle , need so many breaks takes us twice as long to get there. I know I should be glad to be going , but right now I feel totally the operate . Sorry to winge , just helps to get it out there .

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I know the feeling. We are not going far on sat and i am/was? looking forward to it. Then got up this morning feeling s**t,

everything hurts and nothing works. My head is stuffed with wool and i have got to get started on packing.

I know that it will be a struggle but we will go and i know that after a day or two relaxing in the fresh air i will soon be feeling better.

Besides we paid the deposit. :P

I am sorry that you too are suffering and i hope that you do go and have a great time.

But of cause we are not the same or suffering the same and only you can decide what is best for you.

Lots of healing gentle hugs sue

wakijaki in reply to Hidden

Thanks for that , yes we're different yet the same in many ways . I will go and like you say relaxing near the sea will be good for us , it's just the build up. Hope you have great holls x

Hope the journey isn't as painful as you Re anticipating and that you enjoy your holiday x

wakijaki in reply to Crackers1

Thanks , you take care x

I was the same in June we had booked to go to Devon ages ago when I wasn't feeling so bad, as the time came nearer I was dreading the thought of going away, all the packing etc getting everything ready, which I did with the help of OH, anyway I was still feeling ...... When we set off, stopped loads of time as it's quite a journey from South Wales to Devon, so I took flask of coffee and sandwiches we stopped half way for a picnic, the nearer we go the better I felt, don't know if it was the sea air or just doing nothing but relaxing, by the time we got there I felt 'ok'.

by the end of the week I didn't want to come home, when I told my Dr a few weeks later she said it was the best thing. I Could have done, the sea air, relaxing, walking as much as I could did me the world of good and of course doing nothing around the house, and the thing is if you don't feel well whilst there you can stay in and rest, I did that one day I stayed in while everyone went down the bay and I watched TV and fell asleep it was great!!!! By the time they came back I was raring to go again, so look forward to Saturday , be positive and you'll have a great time I'm sure, all the best , send us some pics of GY. Wish I was going with you 😃

wakijaki in reply to Mydexter

Thanks and yes will upload some pics , hubby and dogs can't wait lol . Can't go without me thou as I'm driver . You take care xx

I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful time. Please post some pics when you get back?

All my hopes and dreams for you


We just bought a caravan and get out a few weekends with it sometimes I definitely don't want to go but I use my tens plenty of pain relief I have a cuddly baby blanket for round my ankles where I get pain with drafts and stop for a cuppa my husband packs my scooter and wheelchair all in case. My pain management nurse said holidays should be paid for by the nhs as we are a lot better when going away the adrenaline gets us through. Hope you have a great time and pace yourself x

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