Weakness in limbs and fibro

I hope your all keeping well. I have just come out of hospital because it was thought I had suffered a stroke. I have had all the tests and they have all come back clear.

I have got a weak leg on my right side and leg has been dragging for months now. My right arm and hand is weak and they told me it was 45% weaker than should be. They now say they feel it is due to the fibro and CFS but it was not made clear what can be done so have been discharged. I have been left so upset and unable,to work out what to do.

I have loss of sensation and couldn't even cut up my dinner today. I am waiting for a care package to be decided but now this has happened since.

I was wondering does anyone else have this problems and what the treatment is to help you get through it.

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  • My friend in USA said they have a different approach to our condition with herbs and oils? Said all the mess we take always mask the symptoms and can never be cured? This has left me thinking about things

  • Yes my legs and arms have been week for many years. The more meds they give me because they don't really know what is going on the worse I have gotten. I am finding out if my body is lacking magnesium or zinc my body is having issues. What we eat is hurting our bodies also. Check into all natural herbs and remedies.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. When they find a weaker side (especially for waking) they call this a 'Gait' and I have pasted you a link about this from the Royal National NHS Orthopedic Hospital, so I hope that you find this useful:


    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Good morning ken

    I was upset I hadn't had more replies as it made me feel this is not linked to fibro after all if I am the only person who is having this problem. I have had a look at the link and very interested and will ask if I can be refered to that hospital to see if they can help me.

    My hand is feeling a little more today but still had to get my husband to wash me as standing is not easy.

    I feel so down and alone with this my husband is doing his best but he is only human and I can't off load how I am feeling he has enough to cope with.

    I hope everyone else is well and a special thanks to you Ken for taking the time to send me the link. What a great support you are to us all.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you felt so upset, and I sincerely hope that you receive more replies to this as it also affects people with Fibro. Anyone walking with a stick will have a 'Gait' according to the NHS.

    Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • My mum suffers from TIAs which are mini strokes, they mimic all the symptoms and leave a weakness which doesn't go away. It might improve but there will always be that weakness. There is no treatment for this and it takes mum about 6 weeks or longer to see an improvement.

    Sorry to sound negative and I truly hope this is not what you are suffering from xx

  • Ask for your levels of B12, ferritin and folate and VitD to be tested. It's possible that these are low and may be causing or adding to your symptoms. Numbness, muscle weakness, balance problems, can all be due to B12 deficiency. I do hope you get a solution and help for your illness . MariLiz

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