silly clubber's

ok the taxi is at the front door I think we all should go on a big night out and we should take over a restr oh s**t sorry fog go me . some where we can have good food a good drink and the best thing of all bee with good friends to be and good friends who are. you will have to let me know so I can tell the pilot where we are going. . going to get a bit seryARST ( these silly nights are starting to get to me I am sleeping 1 in 3 and that is not good ) .It is doing my looks just no good as you all know we are all top lookers we all have the best looks and we all look 10 years younger than we are and we are all so skinny that we have to stay in so all the opisit sex don't run after us we are all perfect in every way . we are even more perfect than Mary Poppins and she was almost as good as we are . so come on lets go and not just painad but the hole town but can we not do red I don't really like red a blue or a yellow would be nice . thing is are you all up for it , I hope you are we have had far to many nights in and come to think to many days as well . we should all book coaches and go on a charabang squease on the back seed with the cans we have sneaked on ( pop) ? and have a good sing song it will have to be some were that all we have to do is look out of the windows as we will all be naked by the time we get there so ok sillys away we go

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  • I will definatly have all of what you just said please and i will be there in a jiffy.

    So please wait x

  • Me too. I'm coming

    Marguerite9 xx

  • Me too!!! How about a private island with a wonderful staff!! Good food dancing and lovely cabana men.

  • Ha Ha Ha .Thank you ,that made me nearly pee my self ,my knee has decided to not work ,so trying to get to the loo with my legs crossed was a near miracle ,ha ha ,I take us all to a Nudiest Beach in Blackpool ,then we could all go clubbing after .that's what you call sight seeing ,ha ha .NOT Really ,I'd like to go out for a mealb,cause I spent my 50th asleep all day.drugged up on Morphine.

    Well at least we all still alive ,we may be all in pain ,but were still all breathing.

    LOVE and Laughs

    JACQUI x

  • Hold that taxi I've got to bring my suitcase of drugs but I'm up for it! Lol

  • I hope that it is at least a five seater taxi? Have fun girls!

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