silly o'clock

oh well another silly o'clock it has been 4 hours in the last 48 ( oh do I love them 0 hahah but we must have them if only the people (in the know) as they like everyone to think . I would truly love for them to have 1 day just 1 day well one 24 hours . And let them know are life yes I know there are worse things than it but when you have had only a few hours in 48 you know what is coming .So ,I am asking for you all to come and pack just 1 thing and if you all do that then there are so many of us I will be packed . hay I don't mind making you all tea if there is some one to poor the hot warter out for me look I can't even spell water .so who is first to come oh I have coffee to and even cold drinks and if you fancy pushing the boat out you can have a shandy god I am good . Not long now and I should be moving before Christmas so I want have to use all my energy putting up the decks up or taking them down so there is an upside to it all . At least we have got number 2 grandbabys birthday on the 14 December she will be the big 1 . It was only last wee when she first arrived or it seems like it and them on the 14 feb is number 3s first birthday . life just seems to be flying past me oh forgot to tell everyone I got pip it is less tan dla but it is for 10 years has anyone else got it for that long would love to know well ok byyyy for now speak to you all at a better time in the day to you all big friend hugs to you all

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  • That is wonderful news about you getting your PIP, and it is quite a long award. I am genuinely delighted for you.

    I genuinely hope that the move goes well, I would grab my coat and help but alas I am exhausted myself and not up to much these days. When we moved to the bungalow last November I had my entire family helping (and a couple of Julie's friends) as it was just so difficult to manage all of the packing.

    We then got our daughter and son in law at the bungalow ahead of us to put up the curtains etc. It ran fairly smoothly as a result and I bought everyone a McDondalds in the evening. Turned into a bit of fun in the end.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thanks ken we will get there in the end

  • Congrats on the pip I am waiting to hear if I have been refused ,again , sad that I write refused of instead ofgot ,but fingers crossed . Friends have said I should move into a bungalow but the thought of moving ,couldn't face it , I am close to shops where I am and I had only just moved when I became ill ,I had friends help with decs last Xmas as I wouldn't of managed otherwise , and I had another friend come and help take down, I didn't ask they just turned up ., was in such a mess trying to get everything down by 12 th night and up turned my friend,Rachel and ever since that day she just pops over and helps so kind . Good luck with the grand baby's ,I haven't got any yet the children are all of an age to but only one has boyfriend and it's only been a week , but my two girls are happy enough , not so my son ,but he'll sort himself out no doubt .

    Anyway I hope you have help with your move and talk again soon .

    Chris 😀

  • Hi chris. It's really tough to be patient when it feels like your serenity hangs in the balance.

    It took two years, 2 "refusals," then a hearing to get my U.S. social security disability. I wanted to give up, but I think that's what they want you to do. Aaargh.

    I bet you'll have the energy to move into that cute and cozy bungalow when you get your PIP.

    Think positive!

  • Thanks ,I try to think positive but haven't been successful of late , I will get there again 😀 thanks for support x

  • I love your description of insomnia. I'm assuming I read that right? But it wouldn't be the first time my restless self interfered with my concentration.

    Congratulations on the PIP. It has to be a great relief and give you a sense of well-being.

  • Don't give up!

  • it is I seem to sleep 2 and then 1 up all night think body is uste to it now

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