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Sorry to hear you are all suffering, I have had fibromyalgia for 12 years now and believe it happened after my mum died, the doctor refered me to a consultant for Fibromyalgia, and he pressed 11 places on the body and if you have pain is a certain amount of them with not much pressure then you have it, Also I have been given Amitryptiline (cant spell it sorry) 10mg, which helps with the sleeping. I know I dont have it as bad as most people but I have the stiffness, brain fog, extreme tiredness and pain in most of my neck and back and top of legs but I have decided to do more exercise, building it up, yes i know it will be a vicious circle of doing it then hurting, but the pain eases slightly, just to give you some hope and anyone reading this, I decided to go to the NHS choices couch to 5k in 9 weeks, starts jogging with intervals, so at the beginning I couldnt even jog for 60 seconds but I have now just finished the 9 weeks and I can jog 4.88km, nearly there, and yes I do hurt alot afterwards but im sure it gets a little easier. Im not saying at all that you should all do this, because i know alot of people cant even get out of bed but just wanted to let you know what you can do if you wanted to. Also I find massages are good to for short term.

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  • hi nice to hear your sucess and thank you for telling us your experiance .. i hope you enspire people to try it xx

  • hi littljan you sound a very strong positive person who has found a good way to cope with your condition. I too am one of the luckier ones whose pain is quite well controlled at times J

  • Well done littlejan. You are an inspiration indeed! I never managed to run further than the gate post even before I became ill !! I do try to do some gentle exercise, mostly through gardening but I know I really should try to do more. Thanks for sharing with us. Jane x

  • Littlejan great to hear from you thankyou so much for sharing, I have two small dogs I got them as I love them to bits but also so it ment I had to make the effort to walk them, The route takes me 1520 mins to others 5, and cause's lots of pain but I keep going 3/4 times a day. I also try and do 20mins every other day on a cross trainer, so I totally get where your coming from, I do take a shed load of tablets, extra on really bad days. but there is something positive still trying to do normal every day activites when possible. I am also building myself back up again as I have applied for a new job part time, but I so want/need it, as my depression gets worse the longer I am home, so great to hear when possible others positivity so thanks again xx

  • Hey I hope you get your job, will take your mind off things. Glad to hear you are managing to do some exercise. But this nhs choices couch to 5k has been really good and its free, it works you up gradually, but I dont know how bad you are.

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