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My hubby went online today, to check our bank account

Not a single penny could he see, not in any amount

That just made me agnry, my head was like a storm

And we're all just sitting here trying to keep warm.

The ATOS doctor failed me, the DM did it too

And now I sit here skint again, ESA, because of you.

My feet they are so painful because of all the stress

You need to take a look around for problems to address

You stopped my money two weeks ago and kept my claim alive

So Income support can't pay me now, how will I survive.

And then today I was told that my claim it was now dormant

You could have sent a letter out and been a good informant

So now IS is in a rush and they hope to get it sorted

And whoever left my claim awake should have been reported.

I asked the guy what to do, my manner it was polished

No counter payments anymore, giros have been abolished

All payments will get there Friday, they say that is the latest

But hey I'm cold, my Fibros bad, I'm not feeling the greatest.

I wish you would treat yourself to some fibro education

And learn what we go through all across the nation

GPs tell us all the time we should remain calm

So you can keep your flannel and we don't need your charm.

ESA you've been a pain in many more ways than one

I wish you luck in your all travels ESA be gone

And maybe the next government will scrap your name for you

And none of us will miss you and you won't make us blue

I hope you go upon your way and no more will you show

Coz I tell you now here in print ESA + STRESS = BAD FIBRO

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Hi sorry.and thry are bad like waiting some money too been told friday.

Have you tried crisis loans?

Shelter too.

Ring them up?

Im not very well my glands are swollen and im stressed too like you.

They dont care one bit.

I really really hope you get some money soon.xx


I could get a crisis loan, but apparently they do not do counter payments, all loans have to go into the bank he said. So I was wondering have I missed soemthing here lol. If you do not get it on the day of the crisis then the crisis is not averted right? xxxxxx stupid people they are lol


Well I hope you get your dosh sorted and I hope those glands go down soon too or you may end with a fibro flare xxxxx


Going bed soon.we got a crisis loan in july and we got a over counter giro.

So are they wrong?

Did they say you were getting money to you friday?

Good luck so not fair.let me know how it goes?

Why has yre claim stopped also?

Im ringing them up first thing


p.s forgot to say can you appeal against the atos decision?and if so you can get yre money reinstated at the assessment rate?sorry just trying my best to help you out im worried baout you?xx


Well when the ATOS idiot scored me no points I did appeal it, the decision maker did not chnage the decision then Ilost my tribunal. We were granted carers allowance for daughter within days of applying and that is due to go in Friday too. THat was the only way we could find to stop them making me do something I knew I just not do. I am in so much pain right now I could cry lol xxxxx


im sending you lots of virtual hugs .im so very sorry honestly i am.i wish i could make things better or lend you some money.

a. havent got any .b been crying myself ex upto his dirty again so im in a bad way.

ive had to borrow and sell again.hope you get yre money friday .im hoping too.

please dont cry.this is damn right disgusting how we are treated right now.xx


Hey hun, we can both only hope for Friday. I am angry we had to borrow off our daughter but she justifies by saying 'well I live here too mum'. And as for your ex, well I cannot say I am surprised, exs tend to let you think you are picking yourself up and then they knock you down again. I am having a quick break as my head is splitting and I have shootong pains in different bits of one saide of my face xxxxx


Because I lost my tribunal my ESA was stopped as you know. I was last paid two weeks ago but ESA neglected to close the claim as they were supposed to do. Because of this Income Support could not process the new payments as they should. They gave up in the end and sent ESA an email and they finally closed the claim today. But Inocme support said today that now the ESZ claim is dormant they can pay me and try and rush a payment to my bank account. I rang social fund and they said no counter payments, I rang crisis loans and they said no counter payments! Daughter lent us a few quid today to get some essentails in. We let things run down as hubby would normally do a bulk shop today and then he couldn't. But we should not have had to ask our daughter, but she said she would rather help out that see us upset and struggling xxxxx(trying to save the gas we have left to put the heat on later on)


Hi girls. I feel your anger and frustration and thats well justified. I got ESA paid last friday after waiting 7 WEEKS. Did they care? Did they hell. I waited that long because they are INCOMPITANT. I phoned them SO many times and pleaded with them to sort it. The last time I phoned them, I told them if it wasnt sorted that day, I wouldnt be here the next day because I cant cope any longer with the worry of having no money for 7 weeks. The money was in my bank THAT afternoon. SORTED!! Like you Ozzy, I stretched out gas, electric and food as far as I could, and my son paid for my petrol. It is a scarey situation to be in, so I hope you both get sorted soon. I live on my own now, since my daughter moved out in April, but she pays for my Internet and buys me food. If there was just a few people across the country complaining about the system, that would probably be "normal" or put it down to "error", but the whole sick and disabled population is in dire straits. (oh, thats a band!!) Its disgusting, cruel inhumane, nasty and downright WRONG. Good luck to you both.xx


I agree with everything you say BB. It is one thing the papers labelling us as chavs and scroungers, but then some of the DWP staff do it too and you end up feeling unworthy. But today we got the carers allowance so we put some more gas on the meter. If there is no Income Support tomorrow then I will be on the phone again. As hubby said if they overpay you they are pretty damned quick at taking it back XXXXX


Dont phone the 0845 number. go to SAY NO TO 0800 on the internet and put in the DWP number and it'll give you a local standard number instead. its cheaper. Then just sit and wait for them to answer, but have tea and sandwiches to hand coz you might be there a while,lol. I find it better to just hang on and listen to the recorded message 300 times between the bit of classical music...GRRRRRR, annoying, than to keep dialing. I dialed 150 times before i gave up, the day before I got paid. I think that was probably when I lost the will to live,lol !!!! Im not sure if they've cottoned on to this service, coz the last time I dialed the local number, they just didn't answer at all. duno if that was just coinsidence tho. But worth a try. good luck.xx


Thanks hun, will give that a go and see what happens. I am in all day tomorrow so plenty of time to kill waiting for them to answer. Just put a couple more poems into LibertyZ poetry corner lol. I do so love being on this site xxxxx :)


Im on a few sites now, and Ive "met" some of the nicest people. Its so good to have understanding support and I think its good to offload to "strangers" sometimes. Ive become friends with some,especially the ones who live in my area and thats nice. Ive always been a bit if a loner and not had a lot of friends as such. I know loadsa people, but I dont consider them "friends". So I like the idea of our little Fibro communities. I once started a conversation off on one of the sites, that we should have our own "Fibro village", that is completely flat and easy to get around, and with Drs who believe and give support where needed, a comfy coffee bar to get together and have a moan or a laugh. Just somewhere to support and help each other. And a cash machine with never ending benefits,lol.xx


I say yes to all of that and then some. In your village we need some stocks too. In the stocks we could put all those idiots who keep saying we are fit for work. And to save our energy but add to our amusement we could have a robotic arm that pelts them with rottens tomatoes xxxxx


Utopia but don't hold your breath. The prob is that many people use Fibro to play the system so the real sufferers get lumped with the players

good luck


Haha yeh, I like that. What about politicians doing the cleaning for minimum wage? "Oi Cameron, you missed a bit" !!!!!! "And Osbourne, (not OZZY Osbourne...) make sure you get all the skiddies off the toilet" !!!!! Haha, IN OUR DREAMS,lol.xx


Lol I love it, maybe we could offer them ESA and then turn them down too xxxxx


Duno about ESA coz they arent sick enough (except in the head). They'd have to go for Jobseekers Allowance and get treated like dirt by the nasty rabid dogs they call "advisors" at my local Jobcentre. Anyone else wanna join our revenge fantasy, at all???!!!!! All suggestions welcome....


Mind you hun, thye have so much money they would most likely not need to work and I bet they have huge pensions too. I mean I read the other day that Eds home is worth £1.6 mill, we should all become politicians methinks xxxxx


Oh no, they'd have to magically become "ordinary people", who have bugger all. I wudnt really wana be a politician coz it turns you into an ARSEHOLE, lol !!


Ahhh but we would be MPs with a difference, we would be able to put things right and undo the worngs they have done and not milk society for their mansions and expenses. Them, ordinary folks, I could never see it happening, can you?


We can always dream.........xx


we can lol xxxxx


My Medical was so traumatic for me,I have never applied again,I could not cope with the stress it caused me, and not forgetting the massive flare up that followed,they haven't got a clue, !! it all makes me feel sooo ill. :( :(.


I only noticed that my ESA wasn't being paid when I checked that I had enough to cover my rent - I don't! I phoned at 8.01am but still had to hang on for nearly 20mins. I finally got through, only to be told that my sick note expired a month ago. Yes ok, I suppose that I should have known that it was due, but I have recently gone through a traumatic marriage break-up. I am having to come to terms with coping with everything alone, it's all new for me. Previously my husband had been my carer & we were on long term IS, so I didn't need sick notes. Also I have been reffered to the memory clinic because my memory is so bad, they know this, so why couldn't they remind me, not just stop paying!

The biggest insult though was when the young lady from DWP said that surely I was collecting my pension now, maybe I had got it wrong, - She didn't even apologise when I pointed out that although I am 60, the government upped the retirement age, I can't retire for another 2 years!


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