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I've been in flare up for the past 36 hours, of purgatory. My knee was so painful that I seriously thought of phoning someone, anyone, for an injection as the Tramadol and fentanyl patch weren't touching the pain. I held it together by being very naughty and taking an extra dose of painkillers. The pain has been so bad that I couldn't go to bed last night and slept on the couch as I had to keep my knee at 90 degrees. All of a sudden it dropped from excruciating to painful. No explanation. No idea why but I am not complaining. Painful I can cope with. Even the fog has lifted a wee bit.

Has anyone got a suggestion as to how to keep sane during a flare up? How do you all cope with it? All suggestions welcome

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  • Concern flash....overdosing on painkillers is dangerous....really not a good idea, however tempting.

    In terms of dealing with pain my personal suggestion is that it's worth becoming expert in a variety of relaxation techniques to calm the panic in the mind and reduce/reverse the automatic reaction of tensing muscles which only adds to the pain and becomes a vicious cycle.

    Hope you find real relief soon ....but safely please!

  • I hadn't thought about the panic aspect but it's so true. I do panic when it's so painful. I think more so when my husband is working abroad, which he is at the moment.

    I shall dig out my relaxation lessons and start again at the beginning. Thank you. I'd forgotten all about the benefits.

    I know taking extra meds is dangerous but desperation over rules common sense at times. It's not always black and white. But I would never recommend anyone else to do it. It IS stupid. I will think of your kind words next time it hits. If nothing else trying to practice relaxation will take my mind off the pain.

  • Also try ice bag or heating pad. Alternate every 20 minutes.

  • Yes, Redhots, you are so wise!

    I did learn from my doctor that overdoing the heating pad only exacerbates the pain!!! I did not know that, and was extending the heat, not knowing I was extending my pain, as well ... Switching off with cold is a good thing to do

  • hi, I have had bad flare ups with my right knee, the best thing I found is to take meds as normal and rest up until it calms down and I also find heat is good for the pain x

  • It's my right knee too. Snap! Have a heat pad on it and have remembered some of my relaxation techniques as stumpedok suggested.

    The pain vanished this morning but came back with a vengeance a couple of hours later in true Fibro fashion. I have taken on board the very kind and polite reminders that I should not exceed my meds. Next time I feel so desperate I will go through the proper channels. I do appreciate your kind words. Thank you.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that this excruciating pain does not return for you. I also want to warn of the dangers of over dosing on pain killers as it is very dangerous indeed. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Analgesic creams and lotion might be helpful. I have several different ones I use as well as a Tens Unit when oral painkillers don't help .

  • Thank you all for your advice. I find it really helpful. I have found that the pain is at a level I can cope with when my knee is bent. When I straighten it that's a different story. It's a pain new to me. The last time my pain was this bad my ovary had ruptured.

    I shall do what we all do. Paint a smile on my face and carry on (while trying your suggestions).

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