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silly o'clock

so it is America and mecico . 1)

2) now we need to think on things we can do we have put running in to the see . and we have had going to meetso famand i invite you all to sit on the beach and the sun has given us are body back , so just sit and drink in the sun and because we are feeling so good we can have a proper drink because we don't need are meds . we are all together having the day of are life , and at the bar there are men looking and trying to flirt with us and the men with us are feeling a bit imbarist but hay we only live once and it is not a resal so go for it but most of us don't have the time pluse the (sorry spelling ) the inclination the sun is starting to go down so we go to the hotel to get changed because we are all going dancing as it has been so longe and we can go with out med so we can stay up because we want to not have we have to there is no one keeping us up with match sticks ni are eyes we will all sleep the sleep of the bab and when we get up we feel the best we ever have even befor we had fibro . so that is my day who is next to do a day as we all get a day that we all do ......????????????? day 2 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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While you have been flirting with the men, I have drank four Pina Colada and demolished all the food on the barbeque! Yes! I love this beach life.

In tomorrow nights scenario can we be on a desert island surrounded by scantily clad amazonian warrior women? Please?

All my hopes and dreams for you



I'm going to a Mexican restaurant for lunch today, lucky me!

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I love Mexican food!


Wonderful I'm there as well with my bikini on and a size 10 with long blonde hair and legs that go on for ever and I'm smiling my head and having a wonderful time don't need a drink but just to be sociable I'll have maybe one now and another in a minute a cocktail perhaps may be what is it called ah yes Sex on the beach, and dance into the evening and be young free healthy and happy, tomorrow is another day where I'm a nanna, pensioner and short and fat down to earth with an almighty bang. But the sun has just come out so its not all bad. Best wishes.


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