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Hi everyone

Unsure if anyone can help after years of bad periods they fount I had precancerous cells so I had a full hysterectomy but since I've had presser what I think is my bladder but have had camera inside and they say alls well

Went back to Gi doctor he says I had thrush treated but kept coming back at one time I was taking thrush tablets every week now Gi doctor has referred me back to pain clinic more drugs I bet take over 20 aday now this presser pain is getting me down doctors don't have a clue just put it down to FM but surly if thrush meds help there must be a infection some where God I could scream at times any advise would be welcome thank you

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Hi there

Do you have Fibromyalgia on top of all of this?

I was just wondering whether the Pain Concern forum may be a more helpful place for you to post?

Obviously up to you though 😊

Lu x

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Hi Lu

Yes i have Fibromyalgia was confirmed three years ago I've lots of pain in my feet , back, hips , etc but doctors now put anything down as my FM

Thanks for reply



I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. I was wondering if you see a Urologist? As this could be beneficial for you?

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Ken

Think my doctors have given up with me and put everything down to FM I've seen every consult going test , scans tried all sorts of meds only good thing I was boarder line diabetic but with diet that's now gone down so one less meds to take

I personal think they have done something when I had camera for biopsy didn't have this pain before that but doctors don't care just being past pillow to post do to speak art well live another day

Thanks ken

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I don't know how long back it is since you had the hysterectomy but when I had mine done I really felt as though my bladder had been badly bruised and it took some time to get back to normal.

I think that anything that can't be explained away starts to worry us and I hate doctors who put everything we have down to the dreaded fibro.

I do hope that you can find something that will helo these sensations.x


Hi rose

It's been 18 months since my hysterectomy on hrt oral and internal but they haven't helped the put me on low antibiotics for a few months as I had blood and infection but I've stopped taking it as that was giving me thrush non stop its just bloody pain and presser inside I've been told I am a slow healer often wished I had never had op and took my chase with precancerous cells it gets me so low at times it feels like I am walking around with a knife inside me strange thing is only relief I get is when sat with my legs up some of the pain is easier same as when I sleep as I can't lay down I have to sleep sat up worn my side of bed base out but if I lay down with in half a hour I am up with spams in my lower back



Sorry I haven't replied before but my old computer broke and OH has had so much to do that I have only really been functional properly with this one today. I must admit I felt very bruised for quite some time but I had been so ill before that I think I was just relieved not to be having periods. It does sound as though you have really been through the mill it is as though something is pressing on that area with your pain only being relieved if you are in a certain position.

I think also sometimes after that sort of operation the muscles are very weak and slowly have to be built up again. I wish they could refer you somewhere so you could get an answer to all this as it must be awful for you. I wish there was some suggestion I could make that would be useful to you. Soft hopefully healing hugs coming your way.x


Hi Rosewine

Thanks for your kind words

Looking back wish I had just left nature take it time come what may would have happened doctors don't care not them in pain every day no one has answers all say it's my nerve ends sending me again to pain clinc was waste of time last time I went just more or less told me with my back and feet pain live without keep taking all my meds 21 pills aday don't want any more think my liver will pack up someday Arrr well



Hi Sheila

Like you I feel I am rattling like a tube of smarties. I said to my Oh that when I die they won,t need to enbalm me the chemicals in my body will preserve me!x


Hi :-)

Has your partner been treated with thrush tablets?

Have they scanned for any scar tissue? From the operation?



Hi keeley

No my partner hasn't been treated but we have only had sex twice since I had my op but he worn a comdom as I wasn't sure how painfully it would be but no matter what we do I still in pain yes I've had a ultra scan which shouldn't be painfully but that sure was and she didn't press that hard as she could see it was painful for me

Gi doctor said he's at a loss with me looking back wish I had never gone doctors about my heavy periods and left nature take its cause


Bless ya :-(

Any medications you taking that can cause an imbalance? You tried all the usual stuff? Cotton underwear and no tight jeans ect?

Thrush is horrible never mind every week. X


Hi keeley

Yes I've tried every thing I don't think it thrush myself it's as if I pregnant and the baby sat on my bladder but that's impossible. As I had it all took away the only thing that seem to help a little is natural yogurt inside soothes it only way I can explain doctor says I am a slow healer and as I have FM it's more likely my nerve ends so appointment now to go back pain clinic more meds I bet take way to many now


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