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Well lost it with the doctor on friday .been suffering with hell pain in back and hips for months it was getting worst .WHEN I was explaining she said O YOU HAVE FIBROMYALGIA yes i said but i have had that for years this pain is different and i want to go and see someone .she said have i seen specalist i said when they diognosed fibro i was discharged .3years ago but this pain is different its just the fibro thats when i lost it Said sick of everythink i come with beeing down to Fibromyalgia i want to see someone after a big argument she said i will send you for a MRI scan if that makes you feel better but i now it wont show anythink I bloe at here I dont go running with every little pain i have been putting up with it for months .and sick of just offering more pain killer it a joke .I exsplained i had tryed most pain killers with bad affects .came out so angry and upset 😂😠😠😠😠All i want is someone to help x

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  • Do you by any chance have hyper mobility was you double jointed r flexible as a kid. Only asking as my knees hips n back give way and when I went to rheumatologist he told me not to worry bout the fibro cos the hyper flexibility will make my knees collars way before then losing weight will help but my knees already go backwards lol. Just a thought doctors do like to stick everything under the same umbrella don't let em not everything is fibro xxxxxx

  • Hi I know just how you feel. I've had a awful back n hips since last August. It's totally different pain from the fibro I actually went to the hospital and if you knew me I hate the place!! I can't walk that far anymore through this my legs are killing me at the top.

    I had mri and said I had ddd and a bulging disc. I'm having Physio and hydrotherapy and it's not doing nothing.

    Why can't these doctors understand we know the difference between fibro and acute pain!! I keep getting told it's the fibro attacking my back.

    I asked to be refferered to see the back doctor at hospital and all I keep getting is wait till you see ya rhuermgtologist. It's so annoying it's so unfair.

    You have my sympathy as I know how you feel. Marcia x

  • I had the bulging prolapsed discs and an op 15 yrs ago, then every time I went to doctor in pain he said, it's just your arthritis and the nerve damage all down my right side into foot since the day I had op. Only diagnosed with fibro last November, moved to a new area so new doc. She says I've had fibro for a long time, not arthritis although she does say I have arthritis in lower back medical recordsmri scans prove this, but nowhere else, I'm confused but I have fibro so that's nothing new. Gl with everything xx

  • I'm not impressed with your GP. Any chance you could change? These problems are bad enough, to have a Dr. who would take the trouble to listen and make an effort to do something about it would be of help! We know there is no magic answer, or a magic pill to take it all away. You know your body best. If something feels different to you, it needs looking at. Not rocket science is it?! I do wish you well. Tulip xx

  • Sending soft gentle Hugs. I hope you get some relief, and answers soon.

  • First of all, I am appalled at your gp's attitude - she has a duty of care - to work WITH YOU. I understand that gp's are under alot of pressure and have to work within budgets etc.

    I had the same thing with the rheumatologist I saw last week - she put everything I tried to bring up in the consulation down to fibro. Like you, I believe strongly that thereis something else going on, that is being ignored.

    Secondly I am sorry you had to get so upset in order to be heard but - I am very proud of you for sticking to your guns.

    We are basically left to get on with it - what does that say about how seriously we are being taken.

    I really think as a community we need to highlight our shared stories - get articles published or patient letters placed in medical journals. Write to whatever governing body deals with gp's rheumatologist etc or attend conferences. (Admin please edit if i've gone against guidlines)

    Really hope you get some answers and the rest of your week is a good one.

    Love and hugsxx

  • Forget admin lol, they are all human and there docs have same laws etc to follow as ours so docs won't care about them either or their kids etc

    i want to change gp's, tests laws etc but how ? I wouldn't know where to start

    Our health care system is so bad..

    I didn't have what you all do but when you say we are just left to get on with it and are not taken seriously I couldn't agree more with a comment

    My doctors actually laughed in my face then had to apologise

    How could my docs, specialist's all of ignored me.

    Police would of been quick enough to arrest me for what I had, how could so called medical experts ignore it x

  • Wow so agree with you, let's do it ☺☺

  • I could imagine you were at the end of your tether as you would think you werebeingoatro used instead of being taken seriously. I was toldactergorically by my doctor that I could not have arthritis in my hips as I could move it too well and it was a fibro flare! I said Ihad benn told my a specialist when I was in my 20's that my hips moved more than they should. I made it clear I did not want yet more meds but some help eg physio or anything.

    Well the physio would not see me without Xrays and you guessed it I had osteo in both hips. The physio then arranged needle acupuncture and hydrotherapy. After that my GP's attitude changed and he became very supportive. Such a pity we moved house just when I had for him trained so will have to start again with a new one and the auspices aren't good already as they have had three attempts at getting my repeat prescriptions right. Unfortunately the only other GPS in my catchment area have had a very poor rating.

    All the MRI scan on my back showed was degeneration of the spine which they could do nothing about. You might find that yours shows something they can deal with. My heart goes out to you as it is so discouraging. Let us know how you get on.x

  • Hi fibro10

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend, and I understand completely why you lost it with your GP. It is simply infuriating when everything we go with is dismissed as Fibro. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Lower back and hip pain 'can' be down to lack of vitamin D3. (Mine was.)

    Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin.

    Many people complain of aches and pain during winter months, then find their bones feel better in summer.

  • Thank you all for your replys  still waiting for MRI back doctors next week for round two if dont hear anythink as it killing me xx

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