After a whole night of sleep deprivation on Friday night, I managed to get 8hrs on Saturday through to Sunday. What a difference it makes to wake up not feeling exhausted .

Last night I went to bed at 1am positive sure I would conk out to sleep.......then it started pains everywhere, resulting in me going into the spare room so I could sprawl out.

Today the sun was shining so I made the best of it by sitting on my garden swing, cat on my lap and a nice cup of tea. Bliss!

Oops! My Drs app. Was for 6.40pm and it was 6pm by the time I remembered. Started to get ready then BANG! My back gave way and I was frozen to the spot. I managed to phone my son who took me in his car.

I had to be practically carried into Drs ( how embarrassing) but do you know out of every bad experience comes something good. My lovely GP who didn't see the point in referring me to a rheumatologist has now relented and has put me on the waiting list.

Eureka ....hallelujah

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  • I slept sat from 7am till 130 am then woke for an hour then back of till 830am absolute heaven hope your back is soon better I no what's that like being stuck take care xx

  • That's good news about the rheumatologist Jan I hope he's able to help you every cloud has a silver lining. Sitting on your swing sounded wonderful but I'm sorry about your back gentle hugs rosie xx

  • That's fabulous news Jan, I 'm sorry that this had to happen to you in the first place for the doc to see how much pain you were in. At long last, someone is finally listening to you. Do hope your back feels better soon :)

    Soothing and gentle hugs I'm sending to you :) xxxxx

  • That is wonderful news to read, and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Good

  • Dont you just love these precious Gps??

    You'd think they only have a 'stash' of say.... 10 Rhumy appointments to last their entire careers.... heaven forbid they should raid that stash for the likes of us (lol...literally).

    But sitting on a swing...cat on lap...cuppa in hand...bit of sunshine???? Ahhhhhh alls right with the world (for a little while)


  • You said it, a little while! The sun is a rarity here so got to make the best of it. x

  • Sorry about for me yesterday I think. Yes it's good you got sleep! Also in a way good your doctor got to see what you go through. Bad that you were in such pain! Does that make more since? I hope so ! Hugs, Regina

  • That's ok I got it. From one code breaker to the other. I know you meant well, don't worry be happy. ⁉️❓❓❓❓❓❓

  • Got it!?!!!

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