I don,t do gadgets this ranges from mobile phones to alarm clocks

Ok I think by now you know I am not good with gadgets and do have fibro fog a lot.....last night I set my alarm to get my son up.....it goes off like the harbour fog horn...... So I was much bemused to be waken from my med induced sleep at regular intervals by small beep..... I kept glaring at the alarm clock tapping it and it would stop when it went off this morning .... ratty from lack of sleep I gently nudged my OH out of bed moaning can't get up no sleep, alarm broken. My OH said how can it be broken when it's just gone off.... I explained pathetically how it had beeped at me all night and kept waking me up...... Then it did it again. My OH went into his legendary eye roll and long suffering sigh routine ... Picked my mobile phone off my bedside table and plugged it in to charge...

It's amazing I a) found this site and b) found out how to post.


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  • Beep Beep Beep This vehicle is reversing!

    Do as I do or rather as I say put phone in kitchen at night it is less confusing ha ha .

    Bemused and bewildered life takes so many strange turns xgins

  • But I have fibro fog... I didn't even know why my phone was in the bedroom I keep it in the living room in my handbag,,,,, I find this important to point out so any burglars reading this will not disturb my sleep, though if my mobile phone is stolen it will end up on some antique programme

    Blames the magic mushrooms ... Very tasty , hope you are enjoying your soup gins


  • yum yum magic thanks the mushroom soup going down a treat xgins

  • Not those burglars again? Leave a note and tell them to watch out for the wardrobe

  • oh, i get so angry when my hubby's phone does it's little "ding ding" to tell him it needs to be charged, in the middle of the night. I wake up, and he sleeps right through it. As for other electricals, they just don't like me. I have FOUR cd players, and none of them will play cds.

  • Of course maladjusted , I will sleep in the wardrobe where the burglars. Won't find me and my phone won't disturb me, just hope my OH doesn't fall in again on top of me ;)

    VG x

  • I do not do technical either these days. I used to be a dab hand at things like this. Now if I here a beep I am looking all over the house for it. I was lying a wake one night when I heard a series of 24 beeps one after the other. I searched the house, no luck. I was making coffee the next day, had the dryer on too. Everything went off. Panic hit, powercut? I went to electirc meter to find the money had run out and the beeping I had heard was to tell me it was on 99p!!!!! I forgot it did that, panic over xxxxx

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