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Memory and accidents?

Hi there,

So last night I decided to make myself a cup of tea, because hubby was asleep. We have a whistle kettle, and its lighter then an electric.

I was pouring and he next thing I remember I have boiling hot water down my legs. Thing is I down quite remember how excaulty it happened, anyone else have this kind of problem with memory lost.

I spend a few hours with my hubby pouring cold water over me and refused to go to A&E. I have doctors today but burn doesn't look bad today!

Many thanks, for your time.

Helony xxxx.

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Hi Helen, So sorry to hear you have had such a nasty burn, last nite! It must be very painful for you. Yes my short-term memory loss is driving me crazy! I did a stupid thing few weeks ago, took my MST (which is Morphine Slow-release) completely forgot I"d taken in & re-took it to go to bed! My husband was terrified when found out as I"m on rather high Dose of MST, surprised I even woke up in all honesty!

You are not alone on this one but be aware as from our experience it can have catastrophic consequences!

I hope your burns are less painful today.In my thoughts & Prayers.

Take Care

(((Gentle Hugs))) Lynn XX


Hi Helony

I am so sorry to read that you have burned yourself in this way, and I genuinely hope that it is not too painful for you? I have memory and confusion issues with my Fibro due to chronic fatigue as I am an insomniac. However, I have never done anything like this? I have burned myself making a drink because I have poor coordination at times though!

I would definitely discuss this issue with your GP or Specialist just to get anything else ruled out of the equation? I would also be tempted to keep a detailed diary about such incidents to see if a pattern emerges?

I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Hi Ken,

Hope you are keeping well as can be?

I am definitely going to start keeping notes now, I think that's a good idea.

Doctor said I was very lucky it wasn't a 3rd degree burn but looks more like a bad scold. Thankfully due to my hubby quick reactions to cold water me and sudocream for an hour! But doesn't make it less uncomfortable! :(

I was very tried yesterday and haven't been sleeping well, but his genuinely scared me because I obviously kept pouring!

Thank you for your support,

Helen/Helony :)

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So sorry to hear about your accident. it could be that with it happening on a nightime that you were extremely tired and that combined with the fibro fatigue could have made you nod off for a second. My friend who wasn't even ill could nod off when she was talking. If you do have any other incidents like that though I should get your GP just to check you over.x


Hi Rosewine,

Thank you for taking the time to reply! I was very tried yesterday, but still didn't manage to sleep til 4am. Maybe I did nod off, this does concern me.

I shall keep a eye on myself I think, lol.

Helony x.


Hi Helony I get memory loss quite a lot which can be very tedious but touch wood, not had any bad accidents like you have accidentally done to your self, with the kettle full of hot water. My gosh you must really hurt, and I am sorry, that this has happened to you. Please hun if you next time want a cuppa, please ask your hubby if he would please make you a flask of tea with everything all made up in it, for you and then hopefully you wont have to worry about having to fill a kettle. I truly hope your burns are not bad, and that you maybe have to have a skin graft on them. I hope all goes well for you at the doctors. Gently Hug. mindful579 x :-(


Hi Mindful579,

Doctor said I was very lucky it's not 3rd degree burn but a scolds and should get better in next few days. It's still tender but luckily not to painful so far, if it wasn't for hubby's quick thinking, I think it may of been alot worst for me now.

Thank you for your reply, my memory seems to be getting worst and worst. I hate it! Hubby won't let me in the kitchen now, lol. So no tea making for me. I have a tea pot which we often use, but it's may have to be a permanent thing now.

Helony (Gentle hugs)


I haven't yet sweetheart, but as we know with this illness things tend to get worse as we get older. I would get checked out though to make sure you are okay and that something else isn't going on. It sounds as though you passed out or fainted. I'm glad you are going to the doctor, I pray all is well honey!!!! xxx Mitzi


Hi Mitzi,

How are you today?

Thank you for your reply. I have seen the doctor but didn't really go into detail about how it happened, I didn't feel comfortable as it wasn't my actual doctor I saw. I shall maybe meantion it in the future appointment.

Things seem to be getting worst daily for me, I am only 27 but feel 107 sometimes, such is he fibro life! Lol.

Helony x.


Bless Your Heart!!! Wish they'd find a cure!!!


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