Morning all hope you're all as pain free as possible.

Is anyone taking pregabalin and tramadol?

I have been on these for about 5 weeks now and my skin on my feet

,toes and now hands has become very dry and peeling and very sore.

Also a very sore mouth and today have ulcers,and a bit of a wheeze.

Feel ok well apart from usual fibro pain and tiredness.

Don't want to keep having to go doctors,just wondering if anyone else has had this.


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  • Hi Milo4

    I take Pregabalin and I get dry cracked skin on my heels and sores at the corner of my mouth. I never suffered with these conditions before taking this medication.



  • Hi Julie

    I thought it might be one of them causing it but wasn't sure which one. Do you find pregabalin helps you? I was on gabapentin before.

    TRACE x

  • Hi Trace

    I started taking it 24th April and it was amazing. I had been in so much pain for months . I am now on 225mg daily but I am getting breakthrough pain now. I know I need to increase dosage but hate side effects so I am resisting at the moment.

    Thing is I am hooked now and if the gp's take me off it I don't know how I would cope. Hope it works well for you.

    Julie x

  • Julie

    I am on 150 morning and 150 night

    I am new to this what does breakthrough pain mean and what side effects do you get?

    TRACE x

  • Trace,

    Breakthrough pain is that I am feeling the pain again even though still on medication. I was told I would have to increase dose to get relief again .

    I have got memory problems but not sure if that is part of Fibro . Also I have been losing hair . This is the most worrying effect , but Gp said it is not a side effect.

    I have read on some forums though that some people lose hair .

    My friends and family must think I am a hypochondriac . Up until this condition I was very fit and well .

    Julie x

  • I know how you feel.I had had cancer and when I started getting all these pains I think family and doctors thought it was in my head because I was worrying about cancer.

    Don't think my eldest son believes me.

    I can understand about you being worried about losing your hair, for a woman that's horrible. I cried more about losing my hair than I did about losing my breast lol.

    If you don't mind me asking how long have you had fibromyalgia? TRACE x

  • Trace

    Sorry to hear you had cancer and hope you have beaten it . Have friends who are fighting it at the moment . I began feeling unwell last October but the severe pain started in January. Get severe stabbing /burning pain sometimes it feels like having electric shock. That is why they gave me Pregabalin. I was literally bed bound and cried every day in pain. I do have some quality of life now on this med but I still cannot do the things I use to do.

    Gp put everything down to stress but my hair has gone dry and brittle so don't think that is stress.

    Lets hope one day they will find a cure for cancer and Fibro/Cfs and ME .

    Julie x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. I take Pregabalin and get very dry skin but I am not using Tramadol. I would discuss this with your GP or Medical Specialist as there may be something that they can give you for this? I have been prescribed steroid cream (for short term use only) on several occasions when my skin gets really dry, and it really works for me.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken, I think it might be the pregabalin.

    I will mention it to my gp, and I have started using a cream they gave me when I had radiotherapy which worked then.

    And can I say how nice the garden is looking.

    Hope you're well,

    Trace x

  • Thank you x

  • Good Morning Trace, hope you're not too bad today.

    I take 450mg pregabalin and up to 400mg tramadol daily, have been for last year. I did find that I got cracks at the side of my mouth which was so painful and ugly, not a good look when you're feeling crap as well!! Got very itchy, painful, cracked hands and feet but fortunately these symptoms have subsided. Unfortunately this is due to my body becoming used to this drug intake!! Thing is Trace that even with the nasty side effects, the benefits totally outweigh the costs. So until an alternative hits the docs, I'm stuck with it. It's difficult to pinpoint which causes those effects but my instinct says Pregabalin, I have friends who need to take tramadol and don't have these effects.

    I totally empathise with sweetheart, I had to put my heels away and am now looking at the prospect of 'comfortable' shoes. I'm only 47 and heels were part of my everyday wardrobe but hey ho, lifes a b@*!h. lol.

    Soft hugs girlfriend, Karen xx

  • Hi Karen

    I am of the same opinion as usual probably the pregabalin.

    I know how you feel about heels I to loved mine, but with feet and pain in legs can't see them coming out any time soon

    I find it hard to keep myself upright without my killer heels lol.

    I've just turned 50 didn't like that much, and flats, no wine and feeling crap and looking crap. I think you get the idea lol.

    But on a good note I know it could be a lot worse, we are alive.

    Hope you're having a lovely sunny Sunday

    Trace xxx

  • It's like you live my life, on top of all fibro nonsense, I've now got chest infection and constant dizziness and nausea (more pills). Felt so low yesterday that I took myself out to garden (for as long as my skin would allow) and repeated to myself 'at least I'm still here'. I do that quite often and it's true, at least I am still here. So for the brief times I am pain free, I make it count.

    So Trace, when we look at our heels, we can say 'at least I got to wear them'.

    Sunshine here is going now, which I'm glad for as got banging headache, neckache, backache etc. etc. But at least I'm still here and in the words of Scarlett, 'Tomorrow is another day'.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    Karen xx

  • Oh one of my favourite films.

    Trace x

  • I am taking tramadol 50 g I try to take one in morning and one at night tylex in between and a couple of asprin

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