The least popular GP at our health centre was actually nice today!😃

That was bizarre, I was all geared up to be told to lose weight, again.

I made an appointment today and had to se whomever was available. It was Dr C, everyone has a story about his bedside manner which can be somewhat brusque.

I was all ready for him to dismiss me offhand, instead, he said 'you've collected a lot on here ( file on computer) you must feel like you're falling to pieces. I was in to tell him about acid reflux choking me in my sleep. He coukdnt have been nicer. I'm still incredulous! 😮


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5 Replies

  • That must have been quite a pleasant surprise. Maybe he has been brought up to date on the awareness of fibro and now realises the struggles the suffer has to endure and he has found some compassion xx

  • That is wonderful news to read and I think it shows that anyone on their day can make an effort to be nice to somebody. I genuinely hope that you got some medication for your acid reflux as it is so unpleasant when it starts. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this problem.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • It can make all the difference in the world to feel listened to and understood, at least in part, to be shown a little kindness and compassion, so glad to hear of your experience, thanks for sharing - puts a smile on my face xxx

  • I am so glad to read that you have had such a positive experience when you wre least expecting it. I had something similar some years back at our GP's when I had to see the one that no one enjoys seeing as he can be very dismissive and he was wonderful said he was really worried about my throat symptoms and was going to fast track me through to see a specialist which he did. It was also arranged for me to have 6 months of speech therapy. My usual GP had been putting my sore throats down to hayfever when in fact it was very severe acid reflux and I also found out that my epiglotis and voice box was not being used properly so I was having to strain my throat to speak which was a big factor in my discomfort as well as my job entailed talking all day.

    I would keep on booking in to see him. Hope he can come up with a solution for you.x

  • He must have had a quick look at my history. He said nicely, you've a lot of ailments for a 41year old, you must feel like you're falling to bits.

    I said I've come to think of it as lumped in with Fibro now.

    He's the type of Dr who normally tells you to lose weight, no matter what you go in there for.

    Maybe he has become more aware of fibro right enough x

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