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employment support allowance

hi there just got reply back from dwp,regarding my health assessment questionare I had to fill in and send backim now on ESA as cannot work,this is taxable allowance as it says in my letter,ESA replaces income support and severe disablement allowance.been so anxious this last few month about this since I sent the health questionare back to them,glad its all over,

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Me too. Its very difficult to get these benefits.


Glad you have at last had a reply all this having to apply for benefits is so stressful and both my husband and I were on ESA for a short time. OH's ended as he was on contribution based which ends after 1 year and mine was cut short by reaching retirement age. I would not wish the stress of having to fill in all the forms and the wait on my worst enemy and I am so glad at least that is over and done for you for a bit.

Take care.x


Hi - depends if you're in WRAG or Support group. If the latter, ESA can be indefinite as long as you continue to be unlikely to be capable of work. Until of course, state pension age is reached.


He was in WRAG Sniffer but it was a bit irritating after having to go to two Tribunals and nearly two years of fighting to win and then for it to finish because of the retrospective change in the rules especially when he had worked very long hours all his life and had never claimed any benefit at all.x


I am genuinely delighted to read that it is all over for you, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



so pleased to hear you have got your benefit a big sigh of releif


Hi Molind,

I am at the point now where i am wondering if it is in my best interest to continue working and putting myself through more worry and stress because of the pain and falling asleep but have no idea on what to do about it. Do i have to get my GP to start the ball rolling?


Jane x


yes that's a good starthope you do well.all the best.


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