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employment and support allowance

much to my amazment i have been awarded employment and support allowance ( as my assesment didnt go to well and i told them i would rather starve than beg!!!! as i put on previous post) i have been placed in work related group i dont know what this means also my husband retires in 4 weeks does my money affect his state pension? i am confussed to say the least any help would be much appreciated...x

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Hi Louda,

If you email: we can send you the Benefits & Work Guides for free. The Understanding ESA guide may be of help to you and many others.

All the best



Hi Emma I've sent email away to u for this info. My email address is If anyone else has info please feel free to send it to me.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



Hello Louda, I too have been placed in WRAG, I can only say I hope you get the same reception at your jobcentre that I did. The lady immediately said she could see I wasn't in a position to attend any work related interviews or activity, and has let me know she won't be in touch for quite some time. Her attitude really surprised me and I hope that you meet with the same understanding I did,

Best wishes, Foggy x




I'm off to job centre today with help with updating my cv.

I've been in part time work for the last 3 years but it hasn't helped my condition, in fact somedays I've felt much worse. I'm so not sire what to do next.

I receive DLA but feel I should be doing something also if I don't who pays my national insurance stamp towards my state pension??


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