Employment Support Allowance

I have been put on the work related benefit, but i know i am not fit for work, can i challenge this.? I can't get out much unless my son is available with the car, my walking is dreadful, i can walk for 10-15mins then have to sit down, because my legs feel as though they are going to seize up. I get so tired and am finding it difficult to get out of bed in a morning. Let alone get up and have to go to works

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  • I'm in the same boat. I fought hard to get the money but now, a few months down the line its going! I'm lucky as I have a very small pension from work, as they say I will not be fit to work again. My husband doesn't get a huge salary, but with my pension, I hope we'll manage. I wish I knew the answer. It seems so unfair, if they hadn't changed the pension age, I would only have 3 more year. So much for making people independant and giving them their dignity, the Government seem to be doing a good job at stopping us feeling much worse.

  • They did the same to me and I wrote in desperation to my MP and they sorted it out for me. I was then put into the ESA group for support. Then three months later they started the same thing again. I am now having to fight my health issues and them to help me live some sort of life.. DLA is the same as well...... my life is an utter despair and nightmare, of pain and stress and anxiety not helped by this government.

  • we have to fight this.. why should we loose this money... do any of u know groups going on at moment.. are they taken the incapacity away to??


  • I gave up work nearly 2 years ago (im a trained Nursery teacher for under 5's) Ive been on ESA since then. I was asked to leave work as I could only do alternate days because after one day I had to sleep all evening and then the next day I was incapacitated :( I dont have a car or much money so I have to force myself to go shopping sometimes and put shopping in a pull along trolly but its still an exhausting even I have to do a few times a week as I cant carry much in one go. Ive been turned down 3 times for Disability because Im not in a wheelchair!..if I carry on like this I will be!

  • being in a wheelchair would not alter a decision for DLA claim, it how a disabily affects your daily life. Infact the decision maker would not even take a wheelchair into concideration as its an aid not a disability, so if this is the reason then i would seek legal advice and apeal it as they have done you a huge misjustice, and this gverment and its sweeping hands trying to knock off as many as they can does not surprise me. They always refuse first time claimants because they know by statistics 70 percent will not appeal. apeal and if you are sick you will get DLA, they just make it as hard aas possible to get. And please, seek advice and help, one wrong WORD and it will get refused.

  • Have had two long conversations with DWP re my ESA. Have been receiving contribution based ESA in the WRAG group and was told yesterday that would be stopping as I had been receiving it for more than 1 year. They said they would send me a form to complete to put me into the income based but if I had savings of between £6,000 and £16,000 they would deduct £1 for every £250 I had.

    Today I was told that as I am in the support group it would not affect my ESA benefit and it didnt matter how much I had in savings even if it was millions!! I really dont know what to expect next, suppose I will have to wait and see if I get paid and if so how much. What a shambolic system we are working with, how do they expect Joe Public to understand they system when even the staff have trouble interpreting it. Has anyone else had the same information sent to them and what was your outcome? xx

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