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Carers allowance

I need someone to help me with all aspects of care . really my husband needs to give up work now. I am disabled . But we need his wages for rent etc I have esa lowest rate care higher rate mobility for 18 yrs but I am much worse now please help. My husband is off work with stress atm for 2 weeks as I am in plaster I have broken my foot please help xx

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Someone on here will come along with advice I feel sure, it has helped me enormously just browsing, every one here is very caring you have found the right place xx


So sorry that you are so unwell and in this predicament. I am assuming that the LR care is DLA. If so you will need to apply to see if you are eligible for a higher rate of care as for your husband to obtain carer's allowance you would need to be on the middle rate of DLA care or higher. If you look up the government site and click on the link for disability and then carer's it will give you all the rules and regulations and links to organisations like etc who can also help you. If you have a local CAB I am sure they would give you advice on the best way to proceed and perhaps help with filling in forms. The Benefits and Works internet site is a fantastic one for guides and there is also a forum there where you can ask questions on benefits to other people in the same situation. If there are specific questions often people on this site have had the same experience and may be able to help you. Keep in touch with us as to how you get on. Soft hugsx


Hi there, poor you, it sounds like everything is getting a bit too much for you at the moment and I can understand your frustration!

If you go into then I think you will find there is a section there that could be of use to you, I do hope so.

In the meantime I'm sending lots of positive healing vibes your way and hope that you can get the help that you need sorted out very soon :-)

Foggy x



I was in the same predicament in spring this year. As Rosewine says, you need to be on the middle rate care component to be eligible for Carer's Allowance. As it will take some time to be reassessed it looks like your husband may have to continue working in the short term.

Fortunately I was already on the middle rate, but even then the forms are complicated and daunting. I can recommend asking the CAB for advice, they were extremely good, filled in the forms and even told us we were eligible for full council tax rebate.

Don't do anything until you are fully informed about pros and cons, get as much impartial advice as you can. Save your bank statements as these have to be sent off, also if you have more than £6000 in savings then you would not be eligible for the full allowance.

Obviously there is a dramatic drop in income, but as my husband was suffering from stress and anxiety from worrying about me, finishing work has been the best option. We are both getting the health benefits, so it was a good decision.

I wish you luck whatever you decide.


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On another note, recent legislation means your husband's employer must give him the opportunity to have flexible working as he is your (unpaid) carer. Is this something worth considering?



Local social services are a source of some support although austerity measures have reduced support in many areas, no telling what is available until care needs are voiced. All the best improving a terrible situation.


Hi kyetsipat

I sincerely hope that you are feeling well today? As the others have said, you really need to be on a middle to higher rate of personal care to qualify for Carers allowance. I am only presuming here but is your high rate mobility DLA? Have you contacted your local social services for advice? Or the CAB?

I have pasted you the link for how to claim PIP, have a read and then (if you are not getting DLA /PIP try and make a claim but seek help and advice beforehand from either Social Services or CAB

If you then ascertain the required level your husband can apply for carers allowance, I have pasted the link for this below:

It may also help to contact Social Services and ask them for a Occupational Health visit, whereby a social worker will visit your home and assess what you and your husbands needs are?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this and I genuinely hope that you find the answers that you are so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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