Wishing Zeb73 all the best !

Wishing Zeb73 all the best !

Hello Members,

Zeb 73 our Community Admin (aka Sian) has made the decision after a long time dedicating her time as a volunteer to the community that is it time for her to step down. This is due to her own reasons and we, the team & FMAUK wish her all the best for the future.

During Sian's time here the community she has always replied to posts with a cheerful, positive & helpful manner even though herself has been feeling under the weather some days too, as Fibro can be! She has been committed to helping others with Fibro here on the community and also set up a group in her local area too which I think she would like to devote more time to in the future.

Someone leaving the team is always a great shame and I know her presence here will be missed, However, Sian has devoted much time, effort & commitment as a volunteer, therefore we would like to say we have appreciated all you have given to the community. We do understand that you feel this is the best decision for you at this time.

Thank You for everything you did as a dedicated volunteer and for the members here. I know you made a great difference and helped keep the community atmosphere as it should be, something we ALL as members are proud to be a part of.

Do keep in touch - and continue spreading your fluffies far and wide !

Take Care

Emma :)

Community Coordinator

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  • Our loss but Sian you have to do what is right for you and your health. ...take care.

  • Sorry to hear Sian is leaving. Im sure sje will be missed greatly. All the best for the future. X

  • Hello mdaisy zeb73 will be missed on here she gave me some gd advice on here a while ago I wish all the best for the future matthew

  • Will miss the boinging about Sian, but if needs must :)

    Hope to still see you about the forum :)

  • I haven't been here very long but you have helped me. Thank you for advice you will be missed.

  • Thank you for all you have done for us Sian. Lou xxx

  • Thank you for all your positive comments Sian, I wish you well.We will miss you

    Much love,

    Elizabeth :) xxxxx

  • So sorry to see you go Sian as you have always been such a positive, vibrant presence and of great help to people. I fully understand your reasons as having done alot of voluntary work in the past I have sometimes found that in the end it was just consuming too much of my time and energy and I was having to let other things slip because of it. Hopefully you will be able to devote more time to your group which I know is important to you. In the end everyone with fibro has only so much energy to go around and we often have to make important decisions how we use it.

    I hope that you will still dip in and out of the forum and give us your wise words. Lavender fluffies to you.xxx

  • A big thank you to Sian for all your support. Will miss you.🐼

  • I join many others in wishing Sian the best of health and thanking her for all her kindness and support.

    I will certainly miss the fluffies and the boings, but most of all I will miss her humour and common sense approach.

    Sian, I do hope you will drop in from time to time and have a giggle with us.

    Love and Hugs


  • So sorry to here sian is stepping down ,hope she's not leaving completely haven't been about the last 8 months or so foolishly ,but always found her brilliant with advise and caring nature .

    I wish her the best

    Christina x

  • sorry to here sian is leaving she has to do what is best for herself and her health best wishes,x

  • Sorry to hear you are leaving Sian. Thanks for everything you have contributed to this site, and for all your Lavender Fluffies sent out to comfort us all.

    Take care, and be kind to yourself.

    Soft fluffy hugs coming your way. (((((((Sian))))))

  • Thank you sian, we will all miss you x x

  • *hugs* from me

  • Thanks for all the advice and help Sian, sorry to see you go. Hugs Linda x

  • Thanks for your service to this community Zeb/sian ... ! Having been actively involved in a number of other organizations (before the FM took over with such a vengeance), I know how much they can *also* take from you, both physically and emotionally. It helps to back away for awhile, to give yourself time to re-charge.

    Hope you will still comment on a personal level ~ I know your thoughts will always be most appreciated.

    Best to you, soft hugs ... bk

  • Many thanks for all the good wishes, my campaigning and fluffie goodness continues so shall see you all very soon xx :)

    Wishing you all wellness and sending healing fluffies to you all with giant smiles.


    Fluffmeister :D

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