Another announcement - Please welcome another new FibroAction HU Volunteer who joins the team !

Another announcement - Please welcome another new FibroAction HU Volunteer who joins the team !

Please welcome Sian - Zeb73 to the FibroAction HU Volunteer Team.

A member who has always supported FibroAction and often brings virtual trips (with help from other members) ,quizzes and regularly posts with useful information about relaxation too. She has always contributed positively to the community, so we would like to welcome her to the FibroAction team

Emma :)

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  • Conratualtions Sian.



  • Thank you Jilly and cheers for the hugs they're lovely and soft :) xxx

  • Well done Sian, thats brilliant news. hugs Sue xxxx :P :P

  • Thank you sue and cheers for the hugs they're very comforting :) xxx

  • Yay, Sian, knew you would be the next one on board, congratulations, mind you, you might have to extend the volunteers hut and make sure critters don't trip the others up :-)

    Yay :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thanks Foggy, you must be psychic :o LOL

    I'm not sure the others would let the critters in and besides they'd only cause mayhem by distracting us from tea and cake :p

    hee hee hee xxx

  • Wahay. Does this mean you will have to be sensible? :P

    Kettle x

  • Excuse me whilst I fall over......l :p

  • Ah! cheekiness from Foggy, careful you don't hurt yourself when you fall over it will make you an easy target for the you know who's!!! :p

  • Never going to happen ;) xx

  • :P :P :P

  • Cheers pip :) nice to know everyone reveres me as bonkers!! ;) xxx

  • Haha, how silly kettle! Well done pot! X

  • Awwwwwwww! thank you Alex :) xxx

  • Not at all Badger we can and are still barmy :) xgins

  • Gins' Barmy Army Wahay :P :P

  • Good job really gins :D it's not like you can just wash barminess off is it??? LOLOLOL xxx

  • ha ha ha ha ha :P

    .................... this is me being sensible :o

    The fluffies do the inspecting ;) ;) ;)

    Pot x

  • Brilliant, well done Sian and all the very best. Tannels x

  • Thank you Tannels :) xxx

  • Congratulations Sian, a very well deserved appointment. You will make a great member of the team. We are very lucky indeed xxx

  • Aww!! thank you Alex that's very kind of you :) xxx

  • Glad to have you on board, we are very lucky to have so much support x

  • Thank you wednesday :) xxx

  • This is brilliant news welcome to you Zeb you are already a fully qualified member ! Nice it is now made official. Looking forward to more of your quizzes and other barmy escapades here shall we go next? Do let us have your ideas for adventures and we will see what we can organize. xgins. .

  • Thank you gins for your kind words sianxxxx

  • congratulations sian :) xx

  • Thankyou Bluebell :) xxxx

  • you're welcome :D :D xxxx

  • Congratulations :D

  • Cheers Lucy :) xxx

  • Hi Sian well done, another brilliant fibro friend to add to the volunteer list, I know you will do a grand job, ou still have to be your zany self tho, lol, seriously tho congratulations and well done, sending you a huge gentle hug and bigger still handful of sunshine ....((((((Sian))))))) .....Dee xxx

  • Aw :) thanks {{{Dee}}} for your lovely kind words and the giant hug, the sunshine is lovely and warming :) :) :) xxx

  • Well done Sian, you are a dark horse!!

    You have always given sound advice and been there for us.

    Lots of celebratory fluffies for you! :) :)

    Nancy Xx

  • I don't know what you mean Nancy, me a dark horse................ neighhhhhhh! :D

    thank you hunny for your kind words and the fluffies partied all night :p xxxx

  • You have already added so much to my life already with your posts.

    Thank you for your creative input.

    Here's the virtual bottle breaking over the bow to set you on your way.

    Sail On.

    Shall be following in your wake.

    Ned x

    I have a feeling your compass is set true.

  • Aw! Nedd :) thank you my friend xxx

    ............ that's lovely to read and am pleased to have helped, you are so kind :) :) :)

  • Congrats to u! Best wishes Jackiex

  • Thank you jackie xxx :)

  • Congratulations Sian, I think its great! Susan :)

  • Thank you susan :) xxx

  • Very well-deserved recognition Sian! Just the sort of uplifting and supportive surf we need on here ;) xx

  • Aw :) thank you for your kind words hunny :) xxx

  • What a fantastic appointment! Zeb73 is one of FibroAction's greatest!

    We all know what a champion she is, she is always there when we need help from the best!

    All my hopes and dreams for you my friend

    Ken x x x x

  • Aw Ken :) that's a lovely thing to say thank you my friend :) xxx sian

  • Congratulations Sian! :D Big, soft, warms (((HUGS))) <3

    Keep doing what you're doing. :)

    You will make a great volunteer. :) You and Ken both.

    Fay :) xxxx

  • Thank you Fay for your kind words :) xxx sian

  • Congratulations on achieving this postSian xx

  • Thank you soulsusie :) xxxxsian

  • Many Congratulations to you Sian, I am sure you will be a very valued member of the Volunteer Team of Fibro. I know you have helped me immensely with your advise, compassion and kindness you show towards all us members.

    Good Luck!

    Sending you positive healing energies for your new position.

    Best Wishes Lynn X

  • Thankyou Lynn for such lovely words

    :) xxxsianxxx :) healing fluffies on route to you xx

  • congrats on getting on the volunteer team best wishesx

  • Thank you :) xxx

  • Congratulations and thank you for looking after us xx

  • I am pleased that I have found this website it seems that you are one of the regular people who support others and now a volunteer welcome to your new role xx

  • Wow congrats :-) x

  • Congratulations! xx

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