FibroAction Community has reached 9,000 members !

FibroAction Community has reached 9,000 members !

9,000 members today !

Welcome to all new members joining our community and we hope you all gain the support you need from sharing your experiences of Fibro with each other :)

Don't forget the more you contribute, the more you will benefit from the community.

We have many lovely members who are happy to share their experiences with you as well as our FibroAction volunteers who all live with Fibro too.

So keep chatting, ask questions and write your posts! :)

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator & Admin on behalf of HU.

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  • And thank you to all you lovely people who have provided this forum for us :-)



  • It's great to hear feedback, I enjoy volunteering for FibroAction & I am happy to help :)

  • Gosh. It makes me a little sad that so many people are struggling with this illness. And the doctors can't fix any of us.... Well done to the hosts though. It is a helpful site. Let's hope the medical profession catch up soon and find a cause and a cure!

  • It certainly makes you think about just how many people struggle with this illness!! I'm very appreciative of this space though & feel that for many it provides a life-line to help that otherwise may be unavailable, so thank you very much to both the contributors of the group and the providers of the forum.

  • Thank You for your kind words, I thoroughly enjoy volunteering for FibroAction and I am glad so many members feel the community is of benefit to them. :)

  • Yes I second what jillylin and Apple4me had said, it's a great site so thanks to the volunteers and Emma the administrator and all those in the background that we never get to meet, and of course all our fibro friends that joined the site and keep it going, yes it's astounding just how many people have this dreaded illness but they have defo come to the right site, wonderful people wonderful site, even if we are all a little bit bonkers on our virtual trips lol...hugs and sunshine to all...Dee x

  • Thank You Dee, lovely feedback & it is great to be a volunteer for FibroAction to help them a little where I can. Thank You to the support from volunteers Gins & San who help members on a daily basis as do many members here too :)

  • That's absolutely fantastic. Mind you, it is a sobering thought of so many people struggling with their daily lives because of Fibromyalgia!

    Please, please, please keep up the site and the good work!

    Ken xxx

  • Thank You Ken for your kind words :)

  • Wow what a sobering figure, so many of us suffering. We have to be positive - at least our wonderful site offers help and an ear to our problems. It is also great to make so many friends. (potters off quite overcome by the number)


  • Thank You Gins for all your help :)

  • WOW.

  • Its. Great feeling to be amongst a community where you can be yourself and not judged. But we wouldn't be able to be here if it wasn't for you and your helpers.... So a BIG thank you from me xxx

  • I feel I have made friends here who really care about what we all are going through. Many, many thanks to Emma and all you kind volunteers for making this such a special community. Xx

  • Thank You Fibro & Bluebell99, very kind of you both. I very much like the feeling that volunteering a little time might just be helping others living with Fibro around the UK. :) Here's to our community ! :)

  • We need a 'like' button xxx

  • Thank You all for the kind comments.

    As our community is growing we will soon be thinking about expanding the team and we look forward to volunteers joining us.

    I think all members here in the community work well together to provide a positive support network to many members so the more people join the better :) It does make you think how many people live with Fibro on a daily basis but hopefully we are helping them a little bit in one way or another :)

  • Just seen this :o

    WOW :D

    Fantastic! just goes to show what a wonderful place this is to come to :)

    Well done and thankyou to all the team for making it happen.

    Boinging happily off for coffee :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

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