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Isn't it Ironic!

Hi All,

I haven't posted for a while but felt after yesterday I would let you all know what I have been up too! My new years resolution was to fight back and get my life on track. I still have a long time to live (I hope) so want to do just that.

I decided that I would go against my doctors orders and find a job and get back on the treadmill of life. I January I applied for about 70 jobs and got interviewed for one very quickly. I aced the 1st interview and went for a second that included an 1/2 day introduction to what I would be doing. I thought "yes I can do this" and a few days later I was offered the position of "Job Coach delivering the Work Program".

Yes I am working for a company delivering the work program and its given me an whole new slant on what its trying to achieve. It can do good things so long as the company that is running the program is employing people who really understand the barriers people face. The company that has employed me actually like to employ people like me that has suffered (and still does) from barriers to work.

Yesterday I had the unfortunate problem of having to deal with a couple of people that should not have even been refereed to the program. They were far to ill. Thankfully I have a boss that is approachable and understanding. I spoke to him and he has advised me to refer them to something completely different that does not cause them stress and suffering and that is dedicated to helping these people.

The downside of going back to work is that my fibro and depression levels have increased and I am in a bit of pain with dark thoughts. I will battle on and if necessary ask to make adjustments to my hours to help.

So if you get put on the work program and live near Leeds you never know you might get me helping you. There is things we can all do work wise. I think its just a case of being sensible about our choices and the experience and understanding of those that are there to help.

Keep fighting on my fibro friends. Life isnt over because we have been handed this pain. Its just a reason to fight harder.


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Well done Steve whAT A MARVELOUS POSITIVE ATTITUDE . I agree we have to be sensible about our choices and I am so pleased you are able enough to full fill your goal. Do take it sensibly one step at a time. I agree fight harder but dont forget some of us have been dealt a hand with more than one complexity to deal with. :) Take care xgins


Hi Steve,

It's so good to hear from the 'other side',

Congratulations on getting a new job - it sounds as though you'll be very successful, because you actually think about what you do instead of just ticking boxes. and of course, you have the experience of your own problems - 'it's an ill wind that blows no one any good', as the saying goes!

Don't forget to take care of yourself, as it's so easy to burn out when you have fibro, but don't get depressed, man - you're doing good!

Best wishes to you for continuing success!

Moffy x


Goog on you please pace yourself p


Congratulations on your new job Steve! And how great to hear that having someone with an understanding of illness and disability is genuinely helping some people who have been incorrectly referred. :)

This info may help you with work:


Having been pushed out of work myself, because I did not know enough about my rights and the help available, I'm a big believer in helping people who want to work to stay in work if possible.


Thank you for this information. It will come in useful when advising my customers too!


Wow that is really inspiring to read your post! Well done you. Do you have experience of this sort of work? Or is it a total new direction?


Its a new direction really. I was a teacher before this.


Well done to you hope goes well


Nothing else I can add except congrats

VG xxxx


Thats briliant as i think im going to b turned down again as my GP is not intrested ive bean looking at things i may be abel to do as thinking the other way just makes me more down . Its nice to hear a good story hope it all workes out for you ,

Take care Kugagirl xxx


Remember to ask about training courses that will enhance your employability. There is a good pot of cash available to people on the work program


Can you only gain access to the work program if your on benefits?


As far as I am aware. Check with you local job centre.


I will do thank you for the advice karateronin if thats what it comes to we will see x


Well done steve .. Make sure you dont burn yourself out xx


Well done you good luck in your new job. Sithy


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