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completely crap crap day!

i actually havent the right to say that really but i do feel down for no apparent reason ......what the hells going on ! i cleaned the apt today and just had an overwelming feeling of panic that next years going to be hell again ! ( i payed up a year through my divorce and have spent all my money on bills debts etc!) i know am stressing terribly about my future:( sorry to bleet on but cant talk to my mum etc need a bit of reassurance even if its not true girls!!! hugs alexandra x

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Hello fairytails,your not bleeting you are just telling it how it is.And if you can`t do it here where can you do it.

You obviosly have had a rough time of it and that will get you down and make things worse.

But like all of us you have to acccept this rotten illnes,and look after youself accordingly.

Remember to pace yourself and be kind to youself.

Love and hugs Butterfly xxxx


thankyou sweetie i appreciate the feedback xxxxx


Hello there Fairytails, please don't worry about posting your concerns, we are all here for each other and we understand how you feel. Sometimes the future can seem a bit daunting, but it sounds like you are managing very well at the moment. A divorce is a very stressful time, I've been through it myself, and then having to cope on your own can seem like a tall order can't it. You didn't mention if you are working at the moment?! You probably feel as though you have a lot on your plate right now and can't see the forest for the trees. It's a shame you can't talk to your Mum, it's not always easy is it. As Butterfly so rightly mentions about make sure you take care of yourself, pace yourself and get sufficient rest too. It takes time to get over a divorce, things do get easier as time goes on. Take care. :) :)


Hi there Fairytails don't apologise or worry about writing how you feel or what you are going through,this is what we are all here for to support one another and offer a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on! i am divorced also and found it the most stressful and soul destroying thing to go through and would never want to go through it again EVER!!! Please take extra good care of yourself and get plenty of rest when you can,it is so important that you do,i hope you are getting plenty of support etc from your G/P / medical team. Love and hugs sent your way Della xxx


thankyou della xxxx


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