Just waiting

Hi, I've had two good days and I'm just primed for the payoff, I just hope that I will have a longer spell, I don't know if it's the weather, but I feel ok, the pain is there in the background, but I can cope and the tiredness is also there but not so severe as it's usually so bad that I must just lie down take painkillers and sleep, but I feel almost normal and in my mind I can do anything I want, I know that sleep is not better but hey I can deal with that. So I am hoping that when I get up in the morning that I feel the same as the last two days, here's hoping. Goodnight to everyone and I hope that sleep comes easily and you wake refreshed and ready for anything the day has to throw at you.

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  • I hope it carries on and you have many days like this :-) sunshine does help.. X

  • Thanks allots ditto x

  • Sweet dreams

  • Hope so and you.

  • All my hopes and dreams for you x

  • Thanks a lot Ken and mine for you and your wife

  • Do hope it continues like that for you, it almost makes you feel human again doesn't it , keep smiling 😄

  • Yes that's for sure just in the back of your mind you hope that it will last but know it won't. Have a lovely day.

  • Same here ive just had 2 good days. Been out etc n even made a day. So fingers crossed for tomorrow.. Hope you had a good day Poppy-Poppy xx

  • I have been a little better too :)

  • Let's hope that our. Good health stays yet for a few days more and that all our friends and their families enjoy this wonderful time when we feel nearly human once more

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