Teeth surgery n pain after

I had 3 teeth pulled this past Monday. I was doing good til late Wednesday night. Now the right side of my jaw n around my ear are swollen n causing excessive pain. I have RA, Fybro,Thyroid disease n other Arthritis issues. Thus in now Friday n I'm in si much pain. They pulled n tugged n all kinds of things to my mouth n now this pain I Horrific. I am wondering if it is from my Fybro or something else. I fell a while back but didn't feel all the pain til 2 days later. I'm needing help or advise please?? I'm in so much pain....

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  • You should see your GP could possibly have infection. I hope you feel better soon. xx

  • I did n they had me on antibiotics for over a wk. This is just weird cuz I was doin goo til the 3rd day. Then all this swelling...

  • Sounds like a dry socket, this can happen several days after extraction, you need to see your dentist asap so the socket can be treated. They should have an emergency number to call.

  • Hi

    Could you possibly have an abscess?

    You should call your dentist. They will have an emergency number as the post above mine says.

    Good luck

    Lu xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I would really get it checked out. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I had a surgical extraction of an old root canal, during which a piece of jawbone had to be removed. It was done at the hospital. Didn't feel pain during the procedure, but OMG the pain afterwards was horrendous, and it got worse on the 3rd day. They warned me of this so I am telling you this to reassure you. It could be a normal part of the healing process. However, if it was me I'd get my dentist to check things over. If it's dry socket they can put a dressing in which reduces pain & helps with healing. My dentist saw me the very next day I phoned & he suspected dry socket, but couldn't apply a dressing as the socket was stitched up. But he could reassure me that there was no infection (& if you had an infection they'll give you antibiotics). So I just had to sit it out (I won't say "grit my teeth" aaargh) & wait for it to pass. It gradually got better over 10 days, and I kept my mouth scrupulously clean with warm salty water rinses (soothing too) & Corsodyl mouthwash several times daily. Tooth pain is agony, you have my sincere condolences, but it will pass. But do phone your dentist & get it looked at as a matter of urgency.

  • Ty so much. I just got back from the Dentist. I got to Surgeon 07/14 at 8. Right now she be lives it's my jaw. The extraction and all looks great thank God. She thinks it cuz I have jaw popping issues n the the Surgeon will find out more. I would rather give birth than have this pain. Lol.. thanks for ur kindness.

  • Ps an ice pack on the outside of your mouth/jaw will help with swelling. 15 mins at a time. Bag of frozen peas will do, wrapped in a cloth to avoid ice burns - or ice cubes securely wrapped in plastic bag or Ziplock, wrap in cloth. Put it on your jaw every couple of hours.

  • I did do that but it caused me more pain. So I turned to heating pad n that helped alot. Thank you.

  • Freeze gel for after injuries may do the same thing if you are lucky.x

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