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Help eye pain


I've had fybromyalgia for 7 years it is become more chronic.recently I developed a new symptom which is dry eyes and eye pain.

Eye drops help keep my eyes moist but the Eye pain is terrible.the whole of my eyeballs really hurt after a few hours then causes headaches at the front n I'm supersensitive to my lamps or bright lights normal pain meds not helping much..can anyone give me any tips on getting rid of the Eye pain.its totally debilitating painful to even keep my eyes open and the Eye pain n headaches making me miserable...any tips ??? Help!!! Thanksx

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Hi Catlady 68. Have you been to your optician about this problem, I was having the same problems as you. The optician gave my eyes a thorough check over n she discovered I had a condition called acute angled glaucoma, sound scary I know but it isnt, but wat it means is your drainage holes in your eyes have closed hence the problem with the dry eyes. I do hope you get some relief from the pain.

Hi Catlady, I have dry eyes too and use the eye gel drops, I get on prescription. Have you seen the optician, if not, please get an appointment with them, they can do lots of tests.

I’ve recently had to have cataract surgery done on both eyes, not that I’m saying that’s what you need, not at all. But the optician can check other things too. Good luck.

Weenibzie in reply to _Tildy_

Hi catlady I've had these symptoms recently myself and had mines checked by the opticians and was given dry eyes gel, you should deffinately get your eyes checked, just to be sure there's nothing else going on, I had it the first time for 4 days and the 2nd time for a week and it was exactly as you described, but thankfully he didn't see anything sinister.

Hi Catlady68. I've had sore dry eyes for some years and way before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Apart from preservative free eye drops (normal ones sting my eyes), the most helpful and soothing thing I've found is this:

The EyeBag® - The Warm Eye Compress for Dry Eye, Blepharitis and MGD

by EyeBag

It costs around £15 -£16 and you can get it from Amazon and Ebay. An optician recommended it to me and I think it's wonderful.

Hi I suffer the same I had a bleed in my eye wen to opticans who had quite a lot of knowledge of Fibro and eye problems from it. I had such dry eye that it broke the membrane covering the pupil which drag and cause a bleed. She just said keep eyes moist with drops to stop this. It’s miserable i know I have sensitivity to light most of the time and pain now and again. I don’t think there’s much to do sorry. Hope it helps to know it’s Fibro not something else ?! Hope it passes soon try resting your eyes in dim room xx

I would suggest you ask your GP to refer you to an ophthalmologist asap to check your eye condition, to either diagnose or rule out Sjögren’s syndrome (an autoimmune disease) or uveitis. Good luck.

Hi i get dry/sticky eyes all the time gets to point can barely see things can be one eye often feels like been punching in it

Getting issue with eyes next to nose painful and it bleeds gets like a lump there.

one thing thats good is a hot compress type thing ive some terry squares soak in hot water then rool/fold and put over eyes for a while it's mean't to soften up the cack inside

mind works for a while then back to square one again!


I would be inclined to make an appt with an optician wether you wear specs or not,some on the High St only charge 10 quid, ask for a written report for your gp. I have dry eyes and get eye drops off my g.p recommended by my optician.. I have ":lazy muscle behind one eye that aches a lot, eyes are precious and we fibro sufferers have enough to put up with.


Hi there yes I agree with other members make an appointment, I use specsavers I find them very good, will give you a piece of mind in following it through, I do tend to get dry eyes more when it’s cold outside and central heating I think effects mine, x

I have dry eyes too and use eye gel and a heat bag from my optometrist I think it's very common with fybro, but any pain in the eyes should be investigated thoroughly , as said it could be a number of things like glaucoma , make an appointment asp.

I empathise totally as I too have this painful symptom. I use a hot wheat bag on my eyes as well as eye drops from Specsavers.

Could also be migraines, mine start with stabbing pain in eye, I am now very light sensitive.

An optician can refer you direct to eye clinic at your local hospital. S/he will check eye pressures, look at the back of your eyes etc.. They're very thorough.

I'd also try the warm eye compresses. Either use 2 clean flannels ( one for each eye just in case of infection) or cotton wool. Really helped me. I found my eye pain was probably the start of blepharitis which was a nuisance for a while. Finally got it beaten into submission with along course of low dose antibiotics ( if this is offered I'd say go for it) It's not recurred though I have to use drops ( had a reaction to the gel, not surprising, I react to lots of things) and I've never been able to wear makeup since the bleph started, 11 years ago.

Preservative eye drops may help. Drs are now advised to use the cheapest poss, so not easy to get these days I think. I had to make a big fuss to keep mine. Beware of anything you might be sensitive to in the drops. Most of the creams contain lanolin, soothing for most, diabolical if you have an allergy!! Use drops often enough. I was told initially I wasn't using enough. When I found the right drops it was easier because they did really soothe.

Also, use warm flannel compress or heat bags regularly. They do help. The microwave ones are good because they stay warmer longer. Not to hot else the skin gets sore too. It is really hard to get right and always there are times when all you can do is rest your eyes again. Look up eye drops on line. There are companies specialising. Give lots of info and reviews. Might give you an idea about what to try or ask your GP for. Hope you get relief soon.

Ask your GP for an autoimmune profile.


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