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I thought I had written about my outcome to you lovely people :)

after listening to dial to reapply and start again after loosing my first claim I did not want to fill out that form again it made me ill having severe depression it was to much for me :((

I went with my gut feeling rang Motability and asked for my claim to be looked at again. The lady was quite helpful and asked if I had anything I wanted to add which I did within three weeks I got phone calls

it was always when I was in tears due to the pains they were just going over my hospital letters dates and who I was under Rheumatology discharged e as there is nothing else they can do.

on one occasion I was asked if there is anyone who can support my case. I told them to contact my GP

which they did he did a report and within that week I rang Motability and I was told I was awarded Higher Rate I received my new car in APRIL 2015 :)))))

so from August 2014 is when I made my claim

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That is brilliant news. Gives the rest of us hope. I am dreading it because when the Rheumy discharged me she put on my notes that I refused treatment even though she also put that I now dont have inflammatory disease. I am in the process of requesting my notes be changed. Enjoy your lovely new car. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


Brilliant news.well done.

I have never before applied for disability allowance but did last November , had assessment end April letter two weeks later with only 4 points. Strange as have had driving assessment which states I can only drive automatic with electronic controls and my rheumatologist has suggest buy a n electric chair as use two sticks but struggle......so like you am taking bull by horns and asking for mandatory review. Oh boy, this process is exhausting and lengthy! But well done you confronting situation, its soo nice to hear good news.



Good news, lovely to share xx


Well done for being persistant and I am so glad that it has had a positive outcome for you. Do hope you are enjoying your new car.x


Thank you very much for your kind responses all the best to you all x


That's fantastic news, so glad for you.

This may ease things a little. Enjoy your new car xxxxxx


That is absolutely wonderful news, thank you so much for sharing as it gives other members hope. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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