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Pip awarded but no mention of backdating?


Can anyone advise me pls? I rang and claimed pip on 8 August 2017, did the form and sent back before end date. Had my assessment on 9 October 2017, which was dreadful, I got in such a state with anxiety, and ended up in bed for days after with a massive fibromyalgia flare up. I've now received a letter saying I'm getting pip but from 9 October.

I thought it was backdated to the day I phoned to claim? I don't want to ring them and ask if I'm wrong.

Has anyone else had this scenario?

Thanks for any help received.

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It should be backdated as you say to day you made application on 8/8/17

very often people just find a lump sum paid into their bank account so just keep a eye on your account in next few weeks .

You may receive a separate letter re back dating or just find its been deposited into your account if not then give them a call give it two weeks.



Thanks Rose

I find it all so stressful I didn't want to sit on the phone for hours. Ill leave it a bit and if nothing then ring them

Much appreciated


Hi Hun when I got mine they put a lump sum into my account. When I got my letter it told me how much that I would receive and there was a amount on there for the back dated money. Have you had the letter yet with the amount on saying how much that you will receive if so the back dated moneys should be there. Fingers crossed 🤞 for you sweetie.

Truly sorry to hear that you went into a flare due to all the stress.

Try and have a good weekend. 🤗🤗🤗🌹🌹🌹xxx



That's what concerned me, the letter says I've been awarded pip since October 9th which is the day I went for the assessment. No mention of any backdating to 8 August when I originally claimed. I received an amount in my bank this week which was for pip from 9 to 18 October and then letter said it gets paid monthly in arrears.

I'm going to call them Monday to ask.

Thanks to everyone who responded, there's so much love and goodwill on this site, and it's nice to know I'm not alone in my suffering this horrid condition.



Hi sweetie I would definitely give them a call. Because you are entitled from the first day off contact weather you Phoned in for the forms or made contact some other way. Don’t give up because you are definitely entitled to the money. I truly wish you lots of luck and take good care of yourself. Got my fingers crossed 🤞 for you. Hope your having a lovely weekend. 🤗🤗🤗🌹🌹🌹xxx


Hi, I waited about 4/5 weeks before received a letter, and it gave info about when I was getting pip and the date it was backdated too so hopefully you will hear soon. hugs x


I can’t answer the question, but delighted to hear that you’ve got your PIP. x


If you were a DLA to PIP transfer, it will not be backdated but if you were not receiving DLA before you got PIP, it should be back-dated.


I was not on DLA, this was a new pip claim.


Well I've spoke to pip and it is on their system that I claimed 7 August and advisors I spoke to couldn't see any reason why it had been paid from date of assessment and not backdated.

He has put through a,reconsideration for me. So hoping ill hear soon. There should be no reason why not backdated I did everything right. I did change date of assessment but only by one day and to move it from huddersfield to manchester where I live.

Fingers crossed.

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Hi it should be backdated the dwp will try there luck they tryed it with me when I won pip tribunral the tryed to rip my partner out of a full years caters allowance I had a reconsideration and they finally gave us it about 7 months later hope this helps big hugs xxx


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