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well I think the Assessor has a problem! I received their decision today and they gave me a big fat nothing for care and mobility.I've just about calmed down.I rang them to ask why they had said that I could both bath and shower even though I went through in depth in my claim that I couldn't and exactly why! They also told me that I could lift trays in and out of the oven and use utensils and be motivated to make a meal ( AND although I don't know what it has to do with it,I can make a meal for one person!!) which I had explained that I couldn't do and why. I think they looked at what I'd written and said the opposite!! I've (obviously!) disputed this and asked for someone different to look at my claim again.I rang my GP who has very kindly agreed to write another report and also suggested I ask physio to write reports to send in as well.

It's beyond belief,that's another 11 weeks (and the rest) to wait now.!

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  • Hi Amanda,

    The same happened with me, you may have read my post about it, they really disappoint dont they?, I think i will ask my doctor too for another report, however I don't know if he will be that kind to write another, must try, good luck in the appeal, love Claire xxxxx

  • i had similar problems when i first put a claim in, it took me 3 attempts but finally after i was visited at home { for which i believe they no longer do } by a doctor and was having a bad day at the time, i was finally awarded the lowest rate for life, but i believe that from april 2013 this will change as they are changing the system and by 2016 i may not fall into the criteria any more so i could well lose this small benefit over the next few years, but keep on appealing and i wish you wellhugs hobblemummy xx

  • Thanks peeps xx

  • Similar situation with me - the assessor's report on my claim was a complete work of fiction - and pretty much the opposite of the reality. My husband phoned and demanded to know if anyone had actually READ the claim form because as far as he could discern, they hadn't! CAB had helped with the claim and helped fill in the appeal. I was then awarded the lowest rate. CAB wanted me to appeal again, but between this and having to appeal ESA as well, I'd had enough and decided to leave it at that. No doubt I will lose it again any next year when PIP comes in to force. It seems that people are just being turned down as a matter of course, in the hope you will just roll over and accept their decision - as soon as they are challenged they are backing down. What has amazed me most is that I have not actually had to be seen by anyone throughout both claims - it has all gone on the paperwork and I don't even have doctors' letters or reports available to me to back things up. (How does one acquire such documentation?) The Job Centre adviser I had to see when put into WRAG immediately set the appeal process going for me herself (what a super lady). I stressed for weeks awaiting the date for a tribunal and wonder of wonders, my appeal was successful without even having to attend one! I consider myself extremely fortunate considering what some folks are being put through. (But, being a cynic, I fully expect another brown envelope containing ESA 50 to drop on the mat any day now. :( , as seems to be what is happening to others who appeal successfully).

    Anyway good luck with your appeal.

  • I had that problem for years I was fighting to get help.. finally after 9yrs I get the high rate, and it helps a lot.. I am now waiting to move into a bungalow, as stairs are a very big problem.. keep on trying Amanda, you have rights..hope it goes well for you..do not give up..

  • These tribunals seem to be a complete waste of time and money, just the government making it look like they ere going to give you a chance to change decisions they have already made about us. I went only to be made to feel that I should be very careful as to what I say as they had recorded conversations from dwp where I answered over the phone. Probably am when foggy and under a lot more medication due to pain levels. The reality is this has probably been going on for generations so they know we are in a no win situation if you do not have access to the right help. Hope you have better luck. gentle hugs xx.

  • Thanks for your comments.I'm trying to find an advocate to help me through the process as I'm sure it'll come to a tribunal.I'm not even thinking about ESA which should be imminent! x

  • All your problems make me feel a bit of a fraud I got mine first time out no fuss high rate for both for life, but that was 19 years ago . Sithy

  • You are not alone, they are treating everybody the same they just hope we can't fight back - but we WILL xx

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