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Motability has done it again

Greetings to everyone

I applied for my Motability too be assessed again for the higher rate due to the Fibromyalgia I struggle with they said in there response after 13 weeks that I can walk for slowly for 2 minutes it seems like they did not look at the pain side of doing this walk I am not a happy bunny with this I explained I spend most times I n bed in excruciating all over pain limiting my quality of life and not being able to go out as I would like.

they have kept me on the Higher rate DLA due to my mental health struggles.

has anyone had similar results and what has happened since then

Many Thanks

Love and Light

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I just wanted to say how sorry I am to read that you did not get your desired outcome. Good luck if you are able to appeal that decision?

Good luck

Ken x


Hi Ken

thank you


Sorry to hear that :(. I have my PIP assessment today



How did your assessment go. I am not due for change till 2017


I am so sorry you didn't get the result you wanted I sometimes wonder how they make their decisions. Did you explain fully how fatigued and in pain you are in afterwards as they should take that into account not just the fact that if you really push yourself you can walk a few yards. Are you going to ask for a reconsideration of their verdict? Soft hugsxxx



I would like appeal I did explain about the after pain

I spoke to Dial they said appealing May cause me to much stress due to my mental state do I just roll over. I don't know any organisation that will help me appeal x


I do think fibro is one of the more difficult conditions to get the HR of care for as it can be such a fluctuating condition. I can fully understand if you suffer from mental health problems the appeal process does not help and could put you under alot of stress. I know when we appealed a decision made against my husband for his ESA some years back that he said without me doing all the paperwork and supporting him he would not have been able to do it on his own.

Have your got a Citizen's Advice Bureau anywhere near you who could perhaps help you with the paperwork. The Benefit and Work site is excellent for its guides and I used some of their information for my husband's appeal and to be quite honest could not have managed without their guidance.


Been for my assessment yesterday. Went well, fingers crossed. When asked about mobility, I said I am unable to walk more than 10m on a good day. On a bad day maybe 3m due to pain in my ankles and feet as I have a long history of foot drop and ankle dislocations. I had my braces on. They asked me to walk, which I got up from the wheelchair and shuffled my feet. I also have tremors in my hands from small, which I informed them on a bad day, i unable to even cook.

Hey fingers crossed


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